, December 10th, comprehensive Korean media reported that the new crown epidemic in South Korea continued to spread. On the 10th local time, South Korean Prime Minister Kim Fuqian said that the country’s daily increase in new crown cases has exceeded 7,000 for three consecutive days, and the medical system is overwhelmed. .

He also said that in order to get the new crown vaccine as soon as possible, adults over the age of 18 can receive a booster shot 3 months after the second shot.

Data map: In Seoul, South Korea, medical staff tested a citizen for the new coronavirus.

  According to reports, South Korean Prime Minister Kim Phuqian stated that the country has added more than 7,000 new confirmed cases of new crowns for three consecutive days, and the medical response is rapidly exhausting. In particular, the proportion of critically ill patients has increased sharply, and the demand for hospital beds for critically ill patients is urgent.

There are reports that the occupancy rate of intensive care beds for the new crown in South Korea’s metropolitan area has risen to 85.4%.

  According to reports, taking into account the current situation of the new crown epidemic in South Korea, the South Korean government has decided to shorten the interval between new crown vaccination booster shots and step up the vaccination work.

  According to the report, at present, for adults aged 18 to 59 in South Korea, the interval between booster vaccination is 5 months, and for those aged 60 and over 4 months.

The corresponding population can also be vaccinated 1 month in advance according to personal wishes.

In the future, Jin Fuqian said that people over the age of 18 who have completed the full vaccination of the new crown vaccine for 3 months can receive the booster shot.

  South Korea’s Central Anti-epidemic Countermeasures Headquarters reported on the 10th that as of 0:00 that day, South Korea had 7022 new confirmed cases of new crowns compared to 0:00 of the previous day, and there are 852 severe patients, which has exceeded 800 for 3 consecutive days.

Three new cases were confirmed to be infected with the Omi Keron variant of the new crown virus, bringing a total of 63 cases.