The trial began on the 10th in a local court after a company related to the Myanmar military filed a liquidation for a beer company operated jointly with the beer giant Kirin Holdings.

Kirin is a major conglomerate in Myanmar and has operated a beer company in a joint venture with "Myanmar Economic Holdings", which manages pensions for military personnel. Therefore, after canceling the alliance, we have negotiated to continue the local beer business.

In response, "Myanmar Economic Holdings" did not respond to the dissolution of the alliance and filed a liquidation of the beer company with a local court last month.

In the midst of the conflict between the two companies, the trial began on the 10th in a court in Yangon, the largest city.

In this, the agent of "Myanmar Economic Holdings" repeatedly appealed to make a decision to liquidate the company immediately, but the court did not show the decision on the 10th, saying that it took time.

However, in Myanmar, which is under the control of the military, there is a possibility that courts will make decisions in line with the intentions of the military, and the future of Kirin's local business is becoming more uncertain.