(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Zhejiang Province Strengthens Control and Control of Infection Cases of Workers at Entry Quarantine Points in Shaanxi

  China News Service, Beijing, December 9th. Comprehensive news: The National Health Commission of China announced on the 9th that 83 new cases were confirmed in mainland China on the 8th, of which 23 were imported from abroad and 60 were local (42 in Inner Mongolia and 12 in Zhejiang) , 4 cases in Heilongjiang, 1 case each in Jiangsu and Yunnan).

There were 33 new cases of asymptomatic infection, of which 20 were imported from abroad and 13 were imported from China (12 in Zhejiang and 1 in Guangxi).

  As of 24:00 on the 8th, there are currently 1,190 confirmed cases in Mainland China, a total of 4636 deaths, and a total of 99454 confirmed cases have been reported.

There are currently 461 confirmed cases imported from abroad, a total of 10,369 confirmed cases, and no deaths.

The number of local cases reached 59 cases in Zhejiang province initiated the first-level emergency response

  There were 12 newly confirmed local cases in Zhejiang Province on the 8th, and local infections were reported in many places on the 9th.

According to the latest report from the Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission, from the first case of the epidemic in Zhenhai, Ningbo on the 5th, to 15:00 on the 9th, a total of 59 local cases were reported in Ningbo, Shaoxing and Hangzhou, of which 24 were confirmed and asymptomatic. 35 cases were infected.

  The epidemic situation is severe, and many places in Zhejiang Province have strengthened control measures.

Ningbo City started the first-level emergency response for epidemic prevention and control at 2 o'clock on the 7th, and schools in Zhenhai District started online teaching on the 8th.

In the early morning of the 8th, the epidemic prevention and control in Shangyu District, Shaoxing City was upgraded to Level I emergency response, and all commercial outlets were closed.

Starting at 8 o'clock on the 9th, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing City, also launched a Class I emergency response for epidemic prevention and control, and Hangzhou City implemented restrictive measures for public activities in some areas on the 9th.

  In addition to geographical control, Zhejiang Province has also strengthened the supervision of relevant personnel.

According to official reports, the province of Zhejiang has now included more than 210,000 people under quarantine control, of which 24,430 people are under centralized isolation, 7,831 people are under home health observation, and more than 180,000 people have been included in daily health monitoring.

18 positive cases in Shangyu, Shaoxing related to a funeral

  Of the 12 newly confirmed local cases in Zhejiang Province on the 8th, 9 were from Shangyu District, Shaoxing City.

As of 21.00 on the 8th, there were 18 positive infections in Shangyu District, including 10 confirmed cases and 8 asymptomatic infections.

  A press conference held in Shaoxing City on the evening of the 8th revealed that Sun Mou, the city’s first case, was a medical worker in Shangyu District. He had not left Shangyu since November 22 and insisted on nucleic acid testing due to work needs until December 1st. The results are all negative.

  From December 1st to 3rd, because his grandmother passed away, Sun had contact with his cousin who went to Shangyu for funeral from outside the province.

After his cousin returned, he was diagnosed as a confirmed case locally on December 7.

Among the 18 cases of positive infection in Shangyu, 11 are close relatives and 7 are distant relatives or friends, all of which are related to the funeral.

  According to the latest report, from 22:00 on the 8th to 9:00 on the 9th, Shaoxing City again reported 9 cases of local infections, including 8 cases in Shangyu District and 1 case in Yuecheng District as a close contact of the Shangyu case.

As of 9:30 on the 9th, a total of 27 local positive infections (26 in Shangyu District and 1 in Yuecheng District) have been reported in Shaoxing City, including 12 confirmed cases and 15 asymptomatic infections.

Nucleic acid test in Manzhouli found more than 500 positive cases

  In Inner Mongolia on the 8th there were 42 newly confirmed local cases, all in Manzhouli.

From 0:00 to 14:00 on the 9th, Manzhouli City added 15 more local confirmed cases.

As of 14:00 on the 9th, a total of 498 local confirmed cases have been reported in this round of the epidemic in Manzhouli City.

  Manzhouli City notified on the 9th that on December 8, the city’s eleventh round of large-scale nucleic acid testing collected nearly 200,000 samples and detected 35 positive cases.

From November 28 to December 8, Manzhouli City has carried out 11 rounds of large-scale nucleic acid testing. A total of 512 positive cases have been detected, 498 cases have been confirmed, and other positive cases are subject to clinical review.

  In Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, 4 newly confirmed cases were newly diagnosed on the 8th. Among them, 3 cases were found in the centralized isolation observation point and 1 case was found in the nucleic acid screening of all employees.

As of 24:00 on the 8th, a total of 39 local confirmed cases have been reported in this round of the epidemic in Harbin.

  Following Guangzhou's notification of a case of infection among staff at entry isolation points, the same case also occurred in Xi'an.

The Shaanxi Provincial Health and Health Commission notified on the 9th that Xi'an has a newly confirmed local case and is a member of the special class for foreign personnel to isolate the hotel.

Preliminary analysis determined that the cause of the infection was accidental occupational exposure of the staff in the special shift.

China's first new coronavirus neutralizing antibody combination therapy with independent intellectual property rights was approved

  According to the official website of the China National Medical Products Administration, on December 8, the National Medical Products Administration urgently approved Tengsheng Huachuang Medical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.'s new coronavirus neutralizing antibody combined therapy drug Ambavirimab Injection (BRII) -196) and Romisvirimab injection (BRII-198) registration application.

This is China's first approved new coronavirus neutralizing antibody combination therapy with independent intellectual property rights.

  Zhu Jingjin, President of the Biological Products Division of Sinopharm Group, said in Beijing on the 9th that Sinopharm Group has confirmed the research and development work for the Omi Keron mutant strain in the first time.

  Zhang Yuntao, chief scientist and vice president of Sinopharm Group China Biotech, said frankly that the emergence of Omi Keron variants has made the world question the effectiveness of the new crown vaccine that has been marketed.

However, Sinopharm Group has deployed research and development work for Omi Keron mutant strains in all three technical routes.