The background to the ruling is about beach protection and the fact that on some properties there are protected bats.

Motala municipality has now reviewed and analyzed the judgments.

- We have submitted our appeal but need additional time to document and review the arguments we want to put forward.

We have asked for a deferral of submitting documents by 21 January 2021, says Hanna Hammarlund, Head of Strategic Community Planning.

On 18 November, a disappointed Mark Henriksson (M), chairman of the municipal board, commented on the decision from the Land and Environment Court.

This is what he said then:

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Mark Henriksson (M) chairman.

municipal board Motala Photo: Mimmi Moberg / SVT

The municipality's common goal is to continue the establishment of Lalandia.

- The establishment is important for the whole of Motala and there is a great drive and a common will to ensure that it becomes a reality, says second vice chairman of the municipal board Elias Georges in a press release from the municipality.