China Net, December 8 (Reporter Peng Yao) 2021 is the 20th anniversary of China's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

To commemorate this important historical node, on December 8, the high-end forum for the 20th anniversary of China's accession to the World Trade Organization and the 20th WTO and China Academic Annual Conference were held in Beijing.

  Former Minister of Commerce Chen Deming said in his speech that the most successful aspect of China's 20 years of accession to the WTO is to establish a system for opening up, promoting reform, development, and innovation through opening up. We must continue to promote new opening up based on the rule of law. Adapt to the general trend of globalization.

China's internal and external cycles are interdependent and inseparable. To maintain a high-quality domestic cycle, a high-level institutional foreign trade must be maintained to break the attempt to decouple the United States and the West and maintain the smoothness and convenience of our external environment.

  "Embracing globalization and actively integrating into the global value chain is one of the main reasons why Chinese industries can achieve rapid upgrades in just 20 years after joining the WTO." Suggested by Yi Xiaozhun, General Counsel of Global Economic and Trade Governance Research Network and former Deputy Director-General of WTO In the future, we will continue to improve the business environment, vigorously attract foreign investment, and firmly embed in the global value chain, so as to greatly enhance the Chinese economy’s ability to withstand various crises and risks.

When formulating and revising economic and trade policies, there should be a broader global perspective to increase the positive spillover effect on the world economy.

  Gao Anming, deputy director and editor-in-chief of the China Foreign Languages ​​Bureau, pointed out that at present, the multilateral trading system with the WTO at its core is facing severe challenges. As a responsible WTO member, China firmly maintains the authority and effectiveness of the WTO and supports the WTO. Reforms are moving in the right direction, support the inclusive development of the multilateral trading system, pay attention to the development rights and space of developing countries, and strive to put forward China’s proposals and propositions for WTO reform and negotiations, and promote the construction of a fairer and more reasonable global economic governance system.

  "We must conform to the general trend of the times, continue to promote countries to strengthen coordination and cooperation, in the new dual-cycle development pattern, unify the interests of our own people with the interests of the people of all countries in the world, release more positive benefits of economic globalization, and promote the difficulties. The multilateral trading system has regained its vitality, and is constantly striving to build a community with a shared future for mankind and build a prosperous and beautiful world." Gao Anming said.

  Jiang Qingzhe, Secretary of the Party Committee of the University of International Business and Economics, stated that in the past 20 years, China has faithfully fulfilled its WTO commitments, actively integrated into economic globalization, achieved brilliant economic and trade development achievements, and became a stabilizer and source of power for world economic growth.

At the same time, China has adopted a series of opening-up measures to promote China's own development and benefit the people of many trading partner countries, including developing countries and least developed countries.

Historical experience has proved that the main theme of world economic development is a chorus, not a solo.

Standing at a new starting point for promoting high-level opening up, China will continue to deepen reforms, expand high-level opening up, play a more active role in WTO-related activities, share China’s opportunities with countries around the world, and contribute more to improving global governance. Chinese wisdom.

  Li Minglin, vice president of the China World Trade Organization Research Association, said that after joining the WTO, China has made brilliant achievements. This is mainly because we fulfilled our commitment to join the WTO and abide by WTO rules to resolve challenges and seize opportunities.

This forum is held on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of China's official accession to the World Trade Organization and has very important practical significance.

  Liu Yuanchun, vice president of Renmin University of China, said that China must take advantage of the huge market size and fully introduce the participation of foreign entities to fully improve our financial pricing capabilities and the pricing capabilities of various core elements.

This is a path that conforms to our economic development, especially the historical outlook of a powerful country.

  Huo Jianguo, vice chairman of the China World Trade Organization Research Association, reviewed China's reform process in a series of major areas after its accession to the WTO.

"By benchmarking with international rules, we have promoted the deepening of domestic reforms, which has caused changes in the domestic market environment and promoted the active development of the economy. Today, the only breakthrough to solve our country’s passive international situation is to adhere to a high level of openness. Only in this way can we become Be more proactive." Huo Jianguo said.

  The forum set up four major themes: "Accession to the WTO: a milestone in China's reform and opening up", "Accession to the WTO: a booster for China's economic development", "China's implementation of WTO rules", and "China's contribution to the development of the WTO". President Xia Wenbin, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of China Net Yang Xinhua, Vice President Wang Qiang of University of International Business and Economics, and Tu Xinquan, Dean of China WTO Research Institute of University of International Business and Economics presided over.

  The forum was hosted by the China Internet News Center, the China World Trade Organization Research Association, and the University of International Business and Economics.

More than 20 well-known experts and scholars discussed the significance of China's WTO accession to China's development and China's contribution to the WTO.