China News Service, December 9th. According to a report by the American "Chicago Chinese Forum" newspaper, a 71-year-old Chinese man, Mr. Xie, was shot 18 shots in the body of a 71-year-old Chinese man who died after being sent to the hospital. Captured.

  The case attracted the attention of the Chinese news agency. The Chinese who were worried about the continuous shootings, thefts, and carjackings in Chinatown were even more shocked, panicked and angry.

  After the incident, the Greater Chicago Association of Overseas Chinese and Overseas Chinese contacted the Chicago City Government, the Ninth Branch of the Police Department and the District Mayor’s Office of Chinatown 25, asking the government to strengthen police force in Chinatown, severely punish the perpetrators, and stand for Mr. Xie, who suffered misfortune for no reason. Justice, seek justice.

The Chicago City Government and Police Department said that the prosecutor and the police department are currently investigating the case, and whether the case is a random crime or racial hatred has yet to be determined.

  The procuratorate will formally prosecute the murderer within 48 hours of arresting the suspect in accordance with the law.

The Chicago City Government and Police Department understand the shock of the Chinese community and their strong dissatisfaction with public security, and will explain the case to the community as soon as possible.

According to reports, the victim was from Kaiping, Guangdong. The Hualian Association contacted the member organization of the Kaiping Association of Greater Chicago. The fellows were very outraged at the tragic killing of the Kaiping brothers. They strongly condemned this vicious incident of indiscriminate killing of innocents and expressed their opinions on the development of the case. highly anticipated.

  People in the overseas Chinese community are extremely concerned about the high levels of crimes in Chinatown.

Some observers in the overseas Chinese community believe that the 71-year-old man was shot and killed innocently, indicating that the security of Chinatown has been repeatedly lit up and cannot be tolerated.

If we do not take active and effective concrete measures, Chinatown may lose its past prosperity and its future development prospects are worrisome.

An emergency public security meeting involving representatives of the city government, police, associations, residents, and businesses should be convened immediately to unite and discuss countermeasures.

  According to statistics from the Chicago Police Department, as of November 1 this year, 678 people were murdered and 3,766 people sustained gunshot wounds in the city in 2021. These figures are significantly higher than previous years.

People are generally disappointed with the prospects for law and order.

  The Chicago Free Times commentator Wang Feng suggested that a city government petition should be held on another day; an industry chain for the sale of stolen goods to fight crime; and an anti-crime alliance should be organized.

  Chicago's 2015 and current Goodwill Miss Zhang Yuqi and Liao Yingyan said that the security problems in Chicago's Chinatown are very serious recently.

As goodwill ladies, they feel that they have the responsibility to call on relevant government businesses and the people to pay more attention to public security issues within their abilities.

As performers and musicians, they can emphasize in major performance venues and works that Chinese must unite and help each other in order to keep warm, work together, and solve current public security problems.

  According to police data analyzed by the US media CBS 2, 7 people have been shot dead in Chinatown so far this year, including the man who was shot and killed on December 7.

In contrast, four people were shot dead during the same period last year.

Starting from the end of 2020, community members across the country have seen an increase in anti-Asian violence, and elderly residents feel unsafe.

The latest police source also said that the murderer in the case was in his 20s and had a criminal record.

Initial investigations revealed that the murder appeared to have happened randomly.

(David Zhang)