China News Service, December 9th. According to the US Chinese website, the famous golfer "Tiger" Woods announced in a statement on the 8th local time that he will return to participate in the PNC golf tournament to be held next week. At that time, he will also Compete with the son on the same field.

The picture shows the famous American golfer "Tiger" Woods.

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  According to reports, Woods has not participated in a professional golf game since his leg was seriously injured in a car accident in February this year.

Next week's game will be held at the Leeds Carlton Golf Club in Orlando. Woods last participated in the game in 2020, when he was tied for seventh place.

  Woods said in a statement: "Although this year has been a long and challenging year, I am still excited to end the year with my son Charlie. I am especially excited and proud of participating as a father."

  In an interview last month, Woods said that he does not expect to participate full-time in the future, and will only play games selectively.

  The PNC Championship invites 20 champions and their relatives to participate in the competition. The format is 36 holes in 2 days and the total prize money exceeds 1 million US dollars.

  On February 23, local time, "Tiger" Woods was involved in a car accident near Los Angeles in the United States. He suffered serious injuries to his ankle and leg in the accident and was sent to the hospital for surgery.

  Born on December 30, 1975, Woods is a famous American golfer and is recognized as one of the most successful golfers in history.

In April 2019, former US President Trump awarded Woods the "Presidential Medal of Freedom."