On December 7, local time, US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan stated in a White House press conference that US President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a security meeting on Ukraine.

During the meeting, Biden reiterated the United States' support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

  Sullivan said that the United States will provide Ukraine with additional defense equipment.

The United States will strengthen the NATO allies on the Eastern Front to deal with the escalation of the conflict.

Biden and Putin agreed that the United States will continue to follow up on the issues discussed today.

The United States and Russia will closely coordinate with European allies and partners in order to reach consensus.

  Sullivan said that the United States' NATO allies and many partners on the eastern front will pay more and more attention to their national security and territorial integrity.

These allies will expect more capabilities and additional military deployments from the United States.

The American public should be prepared to see the possibility of American troops stationed in NATO allies on the Eastern Front in the coming weeks, and the huge impact it will have.

  The Russian Presidential News website also issued a statement on the video meeting between Russian President Putin and US President Biden that day.

  The statement stated that the two heads of state talked about continuing to implement the results of the June 2021 Geneva meeting, and emphasized the importance of persisting in implementing the Geneva meeting consensus and practicing the "Geneva spirit" when dealing with bilateral relations between Russia and the United States.

  The statement said that the two sides mainly discussed the situation in Ukraine and pointed out that the Minsk agreement reached in 2015 is the only basis for the peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian issue, but its implementation lacks progress.

Russian President Putin gave an example that Ukraine pursues a destructive policy aimed at completely tearing up the consensus reached on the Minsk agreement and the Normandy model.

Putin also expressed serious concern about Kiev’s provocative actions in the Donbass region.

  When U.S. President Biden emphasized the so-called “threatening” of Russia's deployment of troops near the Ukrainian border, Russian President Putin responded that Russia should not be held responsible for this issue.

It is NATO that is trying to use Ukrainian territory to strengthen its military capabilities near the Russian border. Therefore, Russia is very keen to obtain reliable and legally binding guarantees to rule out the possibility of NATO's eastward expansion and the deployment of offensive weapon systems in Russia’s neighboring countries. .

The two heads of state agreed to appoint their official representatives to conduct substantive consultations on these sensitive issues.

  The statement stated that when discussing the issue of information security, the Russian and American heads of state emphasized the importance of active dialogue between the two sides on this issue and expressed their willingness to continue criminal and technical cooperation in the field of combating cybercrime.

  In addition, they also discussed the relevant circumstances of the Iran nuclear agreement.

Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized the importance of fully implementing the action plan within the initially agreed framework.

The Russian and US dollar leaders expressed the hope that the resumption of talks on the Iranian nuclear issue in Vienna at the end of November will be constructive and it is possible to reach a solution acceptable to all parties.

  The statement stated that the two sides also discussed bilateral issues and pointed out that the status quo of bilateral cooperation is unsatisfactory.

This is particularly reflected in the difficulties encountered by the reduced diplomatic missions of the two countries.

Russian President Putin emphasized that this was caused by the US government’s policy of restricting, prohibiting and expelling Russian diplomats on a large scale five years ago.

Russia was forced to respond in the same way.

The Russian side proposes to "zero out" all restrictions on the operation of diplomatic missions in the other country, which will also help normalize other areas of bilateral relations.

  The statement said that the Russian and American presidents stated that in view of the special responsibilities of the two countries in maintaining international security and stability, Russia and the United States will continue to engage in dialogue and necessary contacts.

The two presidents also reviewed the alliance relationship between the two countries during World War II, and emphasized that neither party should forget the sacrifices made in the past. The past alliance relationship should become a model for the two sides to establish contact and cooperation today.

  The statement emphasized that the atmosphere of the talks between the two sides was frank and pragmatic.

(Xu Tao Song Yao, CCTV reporter)