They were overheated.

Tuesday evening, in the Arènes district, in Toulouse, a bus driver stopped to pick up two people around 11 p.m.

When this couple got on the bus, without a mask and without a ticket for the gentleman, the Tisséo agent then reminded them of the sanitary instructions.

Which did not fail to trigger their wrath.

The insults and death threats were popular.

The driver managed to get them out of his bus, but the woman decided to kick the body and they both got in front of the bumper, preventing her from starting again.

Insults and degradations at the police station

Tisséo's security guards were called in to assist.

On their arrival, far from calming down, the couple called them bird names and kicked them.

In order not to leave the agents behind, the man decided to undress and show off his family jewels.

The police are then called in for reinforcement.

At the police station, the 26-year-old man and the 27-year-old woman played extra time, degrading the room where they were, and insulting the officials present.

They were still in custody on Wednesday afternoon.


Toulouse: He returns to attack a bus driver who did not want to let him get on without a ticket


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