(Fighting new crown pneumonia) South Africa's new crown pneumonia deaths exceed 90,000 mark

  China News Agency, Johannesburg, December 8 (Reporter Wang Xi) On December 8, South Africa local time, the number of deaths from new coronary pneumonia in South Africa exceeded 90,000, reaching a total of 90,02 cases. The epidemic situation is not optimistic.

Data map: September 27 news. Recently, South Africa sent a train carrying the new crown vaccine to one of its poorest provinces to deliver vaccines to areas with tight medical facilities.

This vaccine train, called Transvaco, travels for three months in the Eastern Cape and stops at each of seven stations for two weeks to vaccinate people.

  A few days ago, with the widespread spread of Omi Keron mutant strains, the number of confirmed and dead cases of new crown pneumonia in South Africa has seen a sharp increase, and the fourth wave of epidemic peak impact has been ushered in advance, and the originally loose epidemic situation has become severe.

As of press time, the total number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in South Africa has reached 3,052,222, and a total of 9,002 deaths have been reported.

  In response to the current situation of the epidemic, the South African government recently reached a consensus after multi-party consultations with representatives of trade union organizations, social organizations, business, education and other fields, and decided to use compulsory vaccination to deal with the widespread spread of the epidemic.

In addition, the South African Ministry of Health has also sent a large number of health officials to various communities to increase temporary vaccination points and call on the public to dispel their doubts and get vaccinated consciously.

  As for whether the “blockade order” against the epidemic will be upgraded again, South African President Ramaphosa responded on the evening of the 7th, saying that if new epidemic prevention measures are rashly adopted, the South African government is very likely to make mistakes, so it will not issue a new one soon. Epidemic prevention measures.

Ramaphosa admitted that South Africa is indeed facing greater pressure for epidemic prevention. The South African government will fully listen to the reports of the Ministry of Health and other departments on the epidemic, so as to introduce effective prevention and control measures as soon as possible.

  Ramaphosa also said that the current inventory of vaccines in South Africa is sufficient to meet the people's vaccination needs, so he called on people who have not been vaccinated to complete vaccination as soon as possible to reduce the probability of severe and death cases.