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08 December 2021 "Three cases of the Omicron variant were detected by the Spallanzani Institute, and the epidemiological investigation was immediately launched". This was announced by the councilor for health of the Lazio Region, Alessio D'Amato.

Specifically, they are two women: one from South Africa with an Ethiopian Airlines flight and bound for the province of Macerata, the second from Paris and residing in Lazio. The third is a man, a Nigerian soldier on a mission and returning to his own country.

The three cases are all well and are in solitary confinement. Epidemiological investigations and contact tracing are underway by the Seresmi (Regional Service for the surveillance of infectious diseases).

The cases were notified to the national platform for the health authorities of the other regions to be alerted.

The passenger lists of the affected flights have been requested.

"We expected these cases after having raised the sequencing levels for the national alert, it was therefore only a factor of time, as the variant circulates. We are not worried, all the procedures have been activated to reconstruct the contact tree on Seresmi is working uninterruptedly. All ASLs are activated to monitor suspected cases and possibly send samples for virus sequencing to the Spallanzani Virology laboratory "concludes D'Amato.