China News Service, December 8th. According to the US "Qiao Bao" report, the plan to convert 91 East Broadway in Manhattan, New York into a homeless shelter "Safe Haven" has triggered continuous protests in the community. City Councillor Chen Qianwen 6 Daily letter to Mayor Bai Sihao.

  Based on the lack of community participation in the formulation of the project, the letter requested the Department of Homeless Services to strengthen the communication mechanism for Fujian immigrant communities, and suggested that No. 91 East Broadway should be converted into a supportive housing for the elderly. project.

At the same time, the Asian Peace Conference (AAFE) announced on the 6th that it would withdraw from the "safe haven" project. The East Broadway Concern Committee stated that the Asian Peace Conference that requires "bringing wolves into the house" must "meet and give an account."

  Chen Qianwen stated in the letter that the location of the No. 91 "safe haven" on East Broadway is located in the heart of the community's business corridor, which will have a negative impact on these small local businesses who are still struggling to recover from the losses caused by the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Influence.

Its constituency is known for its diversity. She believes that the City Travellers Bureau should carry out community outreach to every community, especially the Fujian immigrant communities in Chinatown that will be directly affected by the "safe haven".

  Chen Qianwen said that the City Homeless Bureau is required to work with the Department of Housing Preservation and Development and the Department for the Aging to work out a creative solution to convert 91 East Broadway to other uses. , Such as providing permanent supportive housing for the elderly.

  There is already a facility also called "Safe Haven" (Safe Haven) for homeless people at 47 Madison Street, and another homeless shelter on Canal Street is under construction. The number of homeless shelters in the Bu community has been over-saturated, but what the community really urgently needs is low-cost housing.

  Chen Qianwen said that the location of the No. 91 "safe haven" project on East Broadway was not properly conveyed to the community. Solving the homeless problem is not solved by adding another homeless shelter, but by adding permanent housing.

Standing together with the community, I asked the City Travellers Bureau to reconsider the No. 91 "safe haven" project on East Broadway. For related matters, Li Jinzhi, the chief of staff of his office, is responsible for communication and contact.

  At the same time, the Asia Pacific Association stated on the 6th that the Care for the Homeless (Care for the Homeless) is the management agency of the "safe haven" project, while the Asian Equality Association only serves as the party that provides language and outreach services for the project, not the leading one. mechanism.

The Asia Pacific Association originally hoped that through language translation and outreach, people in the community who needed the project could get direct help.

"But because there are voices in the community regarding the Yaping Association as the leading organization of this project, which confuses the public, the Yaping Association has decided to withdraw from the "safe haven" project. However, the Yaping Association will continue to help the underprivileged groups as its purpose. The disadvantaged fight for housing rights and continue to maintain a position of supporting the “safe haven” project.” In response to this, the East Broadway Concern Committee stated that the first document is not seen and cannot be confirmed. The Asia Peace Conference must meet and explain.

Second, even if Yaping would withdraw, "but you lead the wolf into the house, and then ran away by yourself, leaving the wolf to us. The Yaping Association must use political influence to completely move this project out of Chinatown and compensate the community for the trouble caused by it. , And a thorough review of the damage caused by the 40-year housing policy to Chinatown. Otherwise, the community’s resistance will only escalate and will not end." (Liu Yiling)