As usual, the first trip abroad to Helsinki was for the new Swedish Prime Minister.

At a press conference, the close relationship between the two countries was emphasized.

But at one point, Finland's choice of route could be disappointing for Sweden.

The country will soon decide on new fighter jets worth around SEK 100 billion.

According to information in the Finnish media, the Finnish defense wants to buy the F-35 from American Lockheed Martin and snag Saab's Jas Gripen.

The process is in its final stages, confirms the Finnish Prime Minister.

- But I can neither comment on various tenders or candidates right now - nor the continued process, says Sanna Marin.

"We will not anticipate the events"

Nor does Magdalena Andersson want to comment on whether she made any last-minute attempts to convince Sanna Marin of Jas Gripen's advantages or whether she would be disappointed if Finland nobbed Swedish fighter jets.

- We will not anticipate the events.

We have a Swedish offer on the table, but there are also other offers.

It is up to the Finnish government to make its decision, says Magdalena Andersson.

- But with that said, I as Swedish Prime Minister can only say that the Swedish planes are of high quality and are much appreciated by pilots.

In addition to defense and security issues, the two prime ministers also discussed the fight against climate change and forestry, two issues that are high on the EU agenda and where Finland and Sweden have common interests.