Pfizer, the US company, announced that the third booster dose could neutralize the Omicron mutation. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that omicron mutations are so contagious that many people can die.

Correspondent Kim Soo-hyung from Washington, DC.


Pfizer and Biontech announced that, in a trial conducted at Frankfurt University Hospital, Germany, after the third booster dose of the corona vaccine was administered, neutralizing antibodies increased 25 times compared to the second dose.

It's that enough antibodies are formed to neutralize Omicron.

[Albert Bulla/Pfizer CEO: Based on the actual data so far, the 3rd booster dose seems to dramatically increase the effectiveness of the


.] With

just two doses of the vaccine, the effectiveness of preventing severe Omicron infection from developing Although significantly maintained, the neutralizing antibody potency was significantly reduced.

[Albert Bulla/Pfizer CEO: The current 3rd booster dose will be sufficient to maintain protection (to the micron mutation). However, if necessary, Omicron can make custom vaccines. The good news is that it will be available until March next year.] The

WHO and World Health Organization have noted that the omicron mutation has a high risk of reinfection, but the symptoms may be mild.

But he warned that it could be so contagious that it could lead to more deaths.

[Michael Ryan / WHO Emergency Response Director: If Omicron spreads unprotected, even if it is not more frightening or fatal, it will cause more infections and put a strain on the health care system, leading to more deaths.] Biontech

CEO said Corona It was predicted that the concept of completing the vaccination itself would change from the existing 2 doses to 3 doses.