What has China done right to realize democracy, freedom and human rights?

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 7 -

Question: democracy freedom and human rights, China to do what?

  Xinhua News Agency reporter

  Looking at the world, various real crises such as the polarization between the rich and the poor, polarized politics, governance failures, and international bullying are disturbing, and also reflect the “poverty of liberal democracy”. Looking at China, socialist democracy has created an economic rapidity that is rare in the world. The miracle of development and long-term social stability has historically eliminated absolute poverty, and the people are full of confidence in a better life.

What did China do right?

  Xinhua News Agency’s high-end national think tank released the report "The Pursuit and Exploration of the Common Values ​​of All Mankind-The Practice of Democracy, Freedom and Human Rights in China" to the world on the 7th, deciphering that behind China’s world-renowned achievements, more than 1.4 billion people pursue the common values ​​of all mankind, such as democracy and freedom. Based on the path taken by the ideal of human rights and the principles discovered, a series of important discoveries have been made.

  —— Starting from the true essence of democracy, China has explored the road of socialist democracy with Chinese characteristics in which the people are the masters based on its own reality and cultural traditions. "The whole process of people's democracy" is an innovation in human democracy.

  -China's democratic path is to build a new country under the leadership of the people by political parties, establish the system of the people as masters of the country, and start the modernization process of the country.

As a "mission-oriented party," the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party has brought hundreds of millions of people together into an organic whole, and solved the "super-large-scale democratic problem" of implementing the sovereignty of the people.

  ——The Chinese practice of democracy, freedom and human rights has formed a series of effective governance thoughts and methods, which decodes the "governance" approach of Chinese democracy, or can be compared to advanced political parties, people first, and focused development as the three major ones "Critical Applications".

  ——The Communist Party of China takes the overall interests of the people as its basic orientation in all political actions, returns democracy to the logic of the people, allows freedom to complete the all-round development of people, and makes happiness the highest standard of human rights. It has opened up a new path for national modernization and created mankind. A new form of civilization.

The "touchstone" for judging the integrity of the system

  Contemporary Western scholars reflect on the various problems and chaos of "liberal democracy", and point out that "democracy that cannot respond to public opinion is ineffective democracy" "ideal democracy is the ultimate control of voters over the political agenda". A well-governed society depends on the ability of state governance. .

  The Xinhua News Agency’s report from a high-end national think tank pointed out that Chinese society presents a characteristic of high “governance quotient”, and its standards are reflected in the people’s sense of security, sense of gain, and happiness, which correspond to the ability of state governance to stabilize, enrich, and enjoy the people.

From the perspective of comparative politics, the report analyzes the effectiveness and advantages of Chinese democracy in achieving the goal of good governance.

  "Governance-based democracy" for good governance.

It has three elements, namely: full social participation—national autonomous response—responsible decision-making and effective implementation.

China's "government democracy" not only emphasizes democracy in the political process, but also emphasizes the result of democratic politics, which is "good governance."

  Vigorous "efficiency democracy".

The democratic centralism embodied in all aspects of state governance has made China full of vitality and strong execution.

It not only emphasizes the full development of democracy, inspires the people's initiative and creativity, but also emphasizes the correct concentration-brainstorming on the basis of democracy, forming scientific decisions and putting them into practical action.

  Huizhongzhi's "power-based democracy".

Adhering to the dominant position of the people and fully mobilizing the people's enthusiasm is regarded by the Chinese Communist Party as an invincible and powerful foundation.

Without democracy, there would be no Chinese miracle today.

The Chinese Dream paints a brand new vision for the Chinese people to pursue democracy and freedom and develop human rights. It will also inspire the people to contribute their wisdom and strength.

  Testable "systematic democracy".

This is embodied in the "eight whether" democratic standards proposed by China: whether the national leadership can be replaced in an orderly manner according to law, whether the entire people can manage state and social affairs, manage economic and cultural undertakings in accordance with the law, and whether the people can express their interests smoothly Requirement: whether all aspects of society can effectively participate in the country’s political life, whether national decision-making can be made scientific and democratic, whether talents from all fields can enter the national leadership and management system through fair competition, and whether the ruling party can achieve the right to the country in accordance with the constitution and laws. Whether the leadership of affairs and the use of power can be effectively restricted and supervised.

  Political scholars believe that the "eight can" democratic standards sum up the experience and lessons of the development of democratic politics at home and abroad, conform to the principles of modern political civilization, and reflect the systemic nature of "the whole process of people's democracy".

Implementing the "new form" of people's sovereignty

  The term "democracy" that first appeared in ancient Greece means "rule of the people."

Modern democracy is centered on the pursuit of equality and justice.

The Chinese expression of “democracy”—“the people are the masters of the country” has become a concrete and realistic practice that benefits more than 1.4 billion people.

  The report pointed out that "whole process people's democracy" is the basic feature of Chinese democracy. It transcends "minority democracy", "one-time democracy" and "pseudo-universal democracy", and implements the people as masters of the whole chain, all-round, and full-coverage.

  The report outlines the operation of the "whole process people's democracy" in China from the four dimensions of "how people are selected," "how things are discussed," "how are policies determined," and "how power is used."

  Unlike Western countries that rely solely on elections to produce "airborne" leaders, Chinese leaders must go through one political step, selected at various levels, outstanding, outstanding, and experienced in order to effectively govern the world’s most populous. s country.

  The people’s opinions arrived at the country’s highest legislature with a "through train."

As of October 2021, the Legislative Work Committee of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress has solicited more than 7,800 opinions and suggestions from the grassroots on 126 draft laws and annual legislative plans, of which more than 2,200 have been adopted to varying degrees.

  China's medical reform has made significant progress in recent years. An important reason is the promotion of the local pioneering experience-Fujian's "Sanming Model".

During the new crown pneumonia epidemic, whether Wuhan is "closed" or the whole country is rushing to help Wuhan, the decision-making principles are "people first" and "life first".

  Since 2012, the Communist Party of China has set off an unprecedented storm of anti-corruption efforts in history. It has no forbidden areas to fight "tigers", does not let go of "flies", and does not stop hunting "foxes". , Effectively curbing the spread of corruption and ensuring that the power granted by the people is used for the happiness of the people.

Realize the "big logic" of the people being the masters of the country

  The report of Xinhua News Agency's national high-end think tank pointed out from the perspective of historical politics that China's democratic road conforms to history, theory, practice and value logic, adheres to the common values ​​of all mankind, and achieves innovative development based on the land of China.

  The report pointed out that modern China has tried various system models such as constitutional monarchy, parliamentary system, multi-party system, and presidential system, but they all ended in failure.

Until the Communist Party of China led the people to victory in the new democratic revolution, established the People’s Republic of China, and established the system of people as masters of the country, did China realize the great leap from feudal autocracy for thousands of years to people’s democracy.

  The report pointed out that the new China, which embarked on the road of democracy as a pursuer, tried to think and grasp the democratic path of its own country from the value of modern democracy, that is, the democratic logic revealed by Marx: the state system is the product of human freedom, and the country is "the people". Own work".

The socialist orientation of New China's democratic practice means that it is a critic and surpasser of bourgeois democracy.

  The report pointed out that the people's congress system implements the country's constitutional principle that "all power belongs to the people".

The deputies to the National People's Congress have an overall correspondence with the people's structure of the entire society in terms of regions, industries, and nationalities, ensuring that the state power organs can fully reflect the people's wishes.

The democratic centralism of state institutions has allowed China to form a powerful synergy in governing the country and effectively prevent the occurrence of mutual constraints and serious internal friction.

  The report pointed out that good democracy is the foundation of freedom and human rights. By seizing the "bull nose" of democratic construction, the people's freedom and rights will be guaranteed by the system.

The establishment of New China and the establishment of the socialist system fundamentally eliminated the old social system that prevented the people from enjoying freedom, and the people’s various rights were guaranteed by the Constitution; reform, opening up, and the development of a socialist market economy have fully stimulated the creation of the whole society. Vitality, following the road map of "Reform and Opening up-Poverty Alleviation-All-round Well-off-Common Prosperity", Chinese people get rid of poverty and live a life of prosperity and dignity.

The "Chinese Policy" of Pursuing the Common Values ​​of All Mankind

  "What's going on in the world, what should we do?" In 2017, Chinese President Xi Jinping asked the question of the times at the UN headquarters in Geneva.

  In 2021, the 50th anniversary of the restoration of the legal seat of the People’s Republic of China in the United Nations, President Xi Jinping gave new thinking: We should vigorously promote the common values ​​of peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy, and freedom for all mankind, and work together to build a better world. Provide guidance on correct ideas.

Peace and development are our common cause, fairness and justice are our common ideals, and democracy and freedom are our common pursuit.

  Xinhua News Agency reported that the pursuit of common values ​​for all mankind is to "do the right thing", and "do the right thing right" is a huge challenge. China's democracy, freedom and human rights practices provide useful knowledge and enlightenment.

  -How does democracy achieve good governance?

The report believes that advanced political parties, the people's supremacy, and the focus on development may be described as the three "key applications" of China's "governance" approach.

  As a distinctive feature of an advanced party, the Communist Party of China has always stood in the perspective of the interests of all people, conformed to the general trend of mankind and the progress of the times, took the overall situation, coordinated with all parties, united and organized various political forces and various political resources, and worked for the happiness of all people. , To seek rejuvenation for the Chinese nation.

  "People-centered" has enabled China's "politics" and "governance" to obtain a solid value coordinate.

Whether the people support or not, agree or disagree, be happy or not, agree or not, is the fundamental criterion for measuring the gains and losses of all work.

  Focusing on development has enabled the Chinese to gain more and more freedom and democratic rights; more freedom and democratic rights have further promoted the development of the entire country; and the effects of development continue to improve democratic governance and make the rights of the people better Assure.

  ——How to realize the common value of all mankind?

The report said that peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy, and freedom are the common values ​​of all mankind, but their realization path is individualized, and people in different countries should respect the exploration of value realization paths.

Diversity is not only in line with common sense, but also beautiful, "each has its own beauty, and the beauty shares the same", and together we will look forward to the future.

  The report pointed out that China’s practice of democracy, freedom and human rights provides important principles that can be used for reference for the realization of the common values ​​of all mankind:

  Principle of practice: The effectiveness of democracy must be tested and perfected by the practice of whether it can solve the actual problems of the vast majority of people;

  The principle of autonomy: The choice of the path of democracy, freedom and human rights must be based on the national conditions, and the so-called “democratic transformation” imposed by the outside will cause endless harm;

  Timing principle: The promotion of democracy, the protection of freedom, and the protection of human rights require gradual and orderly progress, and must not go beyond the stage of social development to make rapid progress;

  Process principle: The pursuit of democracy, freedom and human rights stops at the best, there is no best, only better.

  ——How can mankind move towards a brighter future?

The report pointed out that some people once thought that the country is the largest political unit and the world is just an empty geographic space. But the truth today is that human beings are a whole and the planet inhabited is a "global village", and no country can be alone.

  The multi-polarization of the world and the democratization of international relations are the general trend. Only by seizing historical opportunities and making the right choices can mankind create a brighter future.

By adhering to the common values ​​of all mankind and building a community with a shared future for mankind, China has pointed out the right direction for the world at a crossroads.

(Reporters: Gu Qianjiang, Liang Jianqiang, Yan Rui, Chu Guoqiang, Liu Lina, Cui Feng, Ye Shuhong, Hao Weiwei, Liu Yang, Xuan Liqi)