The UAE announced today, Tuesday, the reduction of working days per week from 5 to 4 and a half days, and the amendment of the weekend from Friday and Saturday to Saturday and Sunday, starting from next year.

And a statement published by the state news agency said, "The UAE government announced the new system of weekly work for the federal government sector in the country, to be 4 and a half working days, from Monday to Thursday, and half a working day on Friday."

He added that the weekly holiday will be on Saturday and Sunday, starting from the first of January 2022, with the second Sunday of January being an official holiday.

The government considered that the new system would contribute to "strengthening family cohesion and societal cohesion, and enhancing the quality of life for employees, especially with the extension of the weekend to two and a half days."

According to the statement, the UAE is the "first country" in the world to offer a local work week shorter than the 5-day global week.