- This makes the increase look more dramatic than it is.

We see that the proportion of positives among those sampled is at about the same level as in the last two weeks, says Eva Melander, infection control doctor in Region Skåne.

Eva Melander's assessment is still that the infection is now increasing in society.

The average number of confirmed covid-19 cases in Skåne has more than tripled in almost a month.

During the last seven-day period, the number of covids infected averaged 368 per day.

Just under a month ago, the corresponding figure was 104.

Many children are infected

According to Region Skåne, the spread of infection occurs mostly among household contacts and at various private gatherings.

- The largest increase is seen among children in primary and middle school age.

But we also see a marked increase in the ages of 30-49, which may indicate that infection is transmitted from children to their parents, says infection control doctor Eva Melander.

No big increase in hospitals

The number of patients with covid-19 who are cared for in Scanian hospitals is fairly constant.

On Tuesday, a total of 63 people with covid-19 will receive hospital care in Skåne.

Of these, 8 patients are cared for in the intensive care unit.

It is far from when it was at its worst in Skåne in January when about 600 patients with covid were cared for in Skåne hospitals.