Investigations are continuing.

Two days after Eric Zemmour's meeting in Villepinte, punctuated by several scenes of violence, the Bobigny prosecutor's office announced the extension of seven custody measures in a statement released Monday evening.

An investigation into both the beatings targeting SOS Racisme activists and the violence against the far-right candidate has been opened.

In total, 58 people were arrested on the sidelines of the rally for acts of "participation in an armed assembly", "outrage" or "rebellions".

Of these offenses, six police custody were extended and 52 lifted.

Among those released were five SOS Racisme activists who took part in the pacifist action and then targeted by beatings by participants in the rally.

These activists had been retained "by the security service of the meeting" in order to be "made available" to the police, reveals the Bobigny prosecutor's office.

Filing a complaint and ITT

This scene of violence, widely relayed on social networks, is the subject of a flagrant investigation entrusted to the departmental security of Seine-Saint-Denis. "It is [...] to determine precisely the various acts of violence committed during the meeting and to identify the perpetrators, in particular from the precise analysis of the video protection images", underlines the press release of the prosecution. In addition, the five activists of the anti-racist association were offered to file a complaint for the blows received at the end of their action.

But the investigations also relate to the violence suffered by Eric Zemmour himself.

While on his way to the stage of the Villepinte exhibition center, the presidential candidate was grabbed by the neck by a man who was in the crowd.

Exfiltrated then arrested, the suspect was taken into custody.

An extended measure Monday evening.

Eric Zemmour's entourage had indicated that he suffered from a wrist injury and had been prescribed nine days of temporary interruption of work (ITT).

Information qualified since by the prosecution, which told Agence France Presse that the certificate provided had not been established by a medico-judicial unit (UMJ), empowered to determine the ITT for criminal prosecution.

"Provocations" for Zemmour

Like several officials Les Républicains, Gérard Larcher or the candidate Valérie Pécresse, Eric Zemmour on Tuesday condemned "all the violence" which disrupted his first meeting, while denouncing "provocations" on the part of SOS Racism activists .

Asked by Jean-Jacques Bourdin on RMC and BFMTV on Tuesday, he qualified them as “subsidy truffle dogs”, and accused the media of complacency.

For his part, the president of SOS Racisme, Dominique Sopo assured AFP that members of the ultra-right “Zouaves Paris or former relatives of this group” were among the attackers.


Meeting of Eric Zemmour: The Bobigny public prosecutor's office opens an investigation into the violence committed in Villepinte


Presidential 2022: During his meeting Eric Zemmour was injured in the wrist, according to his entourage

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