“There are fears that he, as a project of his legacy, seeks to recreate the Soviet Union,” RIA Novosti quoted Nuland as saying.

She warned Russia against an allegedly impending invasion of Ukraine, stressing that this confrontation would cost a lot of blood.

“There are many reasons why none of us should want war.

It will be extremely bloody and difficult for Ukraine, but also extremely bloody and difficult for Russia, ”the Deputy Secretary of State explained.

Aide to the President of Russia Yuri Ushakov said earlier that there was no question of the possibility of sending Russian troops to Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a conversation with American leader Joe Biden, expressed serious concern over Kiev's actions in relation to Donbass.

Using specific examples, he illustrated to Biden the destructive line of Kiev, which is aimed at completely dismantling the Minsk agreements and agreements reached in the Normandy format.