China News Service, Nanjing, December 7th, title: New and old Taiwanese businessmen read the "time" and "trend" of the mainland's development: "A lot of opportunities are still here in the future."

  China News Agency reporter Zhu Xiaoying

  On the 7th, Taiwanese businessmen gathered at the Purple Mountain Summit of Entrepreneurs on Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait, which is being held in Nanjing.

During the interval of the meeting, many old and new Taiwanese businessmen explained their views on the "time" and "trend" of the mainland's development in interviews with reporters from China News Agency.

"A lot of opportunities in the future are still here" has become their consensus.

  Many "Taiwan generations" are one step ahead and take the lead.

Sun Decong, the executive vice chairman of the National Taiwan Compatriots Investment Enterprise Association and chairman of Nanbao Resin (China) Co., Ltd., is one of them.

  In 1988, Sun Decong, who was in his 30s, went to Shenzhen to choose a site to build a factory, and spent half of his life in the mainland.

For more than 30 years, his business has grown and the investment has paid off.

  "Now my company has locations in Guangdong, Fujian, and Jiangsu. Recently, I have increased investment in new projects in Anhui." Sun Decong said.

  Lai Zhengyi, an old Taiwanese businessman who has been in the mainland real estate industry for many years and chairman of the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, has personally felt the rapid urbanization in the mainland, the city is changing with each passing day, and the hotel business is becoming more diversified.

His company has built real estate projects in the city of Nanjing and other cities.

  "I recently went to the mainland to work for 6 months. I have never stayed for such a long time before. Taking this opportunity, I have the opportunity to get in touch with and understand such a huge market in the mainland."

When it comes to corporate development, Lai Zhengyi is full of confidence: "We plan to continue to expand our business in Suzhou and Lianyungang, Jiangsu."

  "Post-80s" Taiqing and Lin Kunyou, sales director of Guangyun Agricultural Biotechnology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., are new Taiwanese businessmen who have taken over the family business in the mainland.

In 2016, he followed his father's call and came to Taizhou, Jiangsu to inherit the family business.

  Three generations of Lin Kunyou's family have been engaged in the mushroom industry, and now they have their business all over the mainland: the planting area is in Fujian, Henan and other places, the processing base is in Jiangsu, and it has distributors in many provincial capitals. It is a supplier of well-known restaurant chains such as Xibei and Laoxiangji. .

  In the eyes of this young man, the vibrant economic environment of the mainland has given him a stage to show his strength.

"In recent years, our new products have encountered a period of vigorous development in the catering market. They are in line with the ever-increasing food safety standards and the company has developed rapidly. As a successor to the family business, we will continue to cultivate in the mainland."

  During the interview, Taiwanese businessmen are generally optimistic about the "potential" of the mainland's development: effective epidemic control, sustained economic improvement, strong development resilience, and high-quality development are advancing.

Here is not only a complete industrial system, excellent infrastructure, but also abundant human resources and broad market space.

  As a result, "seizing the new pattern and sharing new opportunities" has become a hot topic among Taiwanese businessmen, which arouses resonance.

  "The new crown pneumonia epidemic has not hindered cross-strait economic and trade exchanges. Taiwan-funded enterprises' investment in the mainland has not decreased, but has increased." Lai Zhengyi said, "We all feel that, in conjunction with the mainland's 14th Five-Year Plan and the construction of the'Belt and Road', Taiwanese businessmen who do their homework will find a new world."

  Guo Shanhui, chairman of Taisheng International Group, thinks of the recent popular meta-universe concept.

He believes that Metaverse, AR, VR, and 5G industries have huge room for development, and enterprises on both sides of the strait can collaborate, integrate development, and share opportunities.

  As a pioneer of Taiwan Youth Ventures, Lin Kunyou feels: "The mainland market is very large, and no one company can dominate the world. Young people in Taiwan may wish to take a walk and take a look; reach out and practice more; think more and develop integration. Put the issue into your career planning. You might as well jump out of the small circle and explore and discover on a larger stage."