Amid growing fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, US President Biden held a video summit with Russian President Putin. President Biden has warned that if Russia invades Ukraine, it will take a strong response.

Correspondent Yunsu Kim from Washington.


U.S. President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin sat face to face in a video.

It has been six months since the first summit meeting in Geneva, Switzerland last June.

The focus was on Ukraine, where the possibility of a Russian invasion was raised.

President Biden pointed to Russia's recent expansion of military forces on the Ukrainian border and warned of strong economic sanctions if an invasion becomes a reality.

[Sullivan/US National Security Adviser: President Biden directly told Putin that if Russia invades Ukraine, the US and European allies will impose strong economic sanctions.]

Working with allies to get Russia out of the international payment network It is known that extreme measures to exclude Russia from global finance are being considered.

It is also planning to provide defense supplies to Ukraine in case of emergency.

Russia is said to have taken issue with NATO's movement into the former Soviet Union, arguing that the increase in troops at the Ukrainian border is a defensive measure.

It is analyzed that Ukraine, which has shown pro-Western behavior, is also trying to control in advance its accession to NATO.

After the two-hour video conference, President Biden was reported to have delivered the results of the meeting to his European allies and discussed countermeasures.