Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden had a two-hour video meeting on Tuesday due to the tense situation between the countries over the Ukraine conflict. 

According to Reuters, the two leaders were seen greeting each other in a friendly manner at the beginning of the meeting.

Joe Biden said at the beginning of the meeting to Vladimir Putin that he hopes to meet him in person next time, writes Reuters with reference to Russian media. 

The White House writes on Twitter about the meeting:

"Joe Biden today held a video conference with Russian President Putin to discuss a range of issues concerning US-Russia relations, including our concerns about Russia's military activities on the border with Ukraine, cyber issues and regional issues."

At 6 pm Swedish time, the meeting ended and according to a statement from the White House in Washington, Biden will now tonight talk to the leaders in Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy, writes TT.

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Photo: SVT / Reuters