At the end of last year, when the news was covered with dark news amid the spread of Corona 19, the humorous conversation between the older brother, the governor of New York, and the younger brother, the news anchor, caught people's attention.

[Chris Cuomo/CNN Anchor: Brother, even if you are busy with work, call your mom.]

[Andrew Cuomo/Governor of New York: Yes. I gave I called. My mother said she loved me the most. Yes, you are the second.]

However, his popularity was short-lived, and his brother Andrew Cuomo resigned from the governorship due to sexual misconduct, and his brother Chris Cuomo, an anchor, was also caught up in rumors.

Lawyer Debra Katz said her female client was the victim of "serious sexual misconduct" by Chris Cuomo and that she had contacted CNN on the 1st.

Chris Cuomo was fired from the broadcasting station on the 4th after it was revealed that he violated journalistic ethics and tried to help his brother in a sex scandal.

Chris Cuomo, who was involved in the new allegation of sexual harassment, refuted through a spokesperson, saying, "It's not true."

However, as the younger brother and the younger brother are also the parties to the sexual harassment allegations, the public's disappointment towards the brother is gradually increasing.

[Andrew Cuomo/Governor of New York (when he resigned last August): (closely hugging and kissing) I've been doing all my life. I am that kind of person. But I never crossed the line with anyone.]

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo denied all sexual harassment allegations at the beginning of the allegation, but resigned in August when prosecutors found that he had molested 11 former and current aides.