China News Service, Guangzhou, December 6 (Reporter Minjie Cai) The 2021 Congdu International Forum is being held in Guangzhou.

In a group discussion entitled "Public Health and Global Cooperation to Build a Community of Human Health and Health" held on the 6th, the former Director-General of the World Health Organization, Margaret Chan, said through a video connection that the new crown epidemic has brought new threats to health , Also exposed the weaknesses of global health cooperation.

How to achieve better health protection?

First, humans and natural systems should establish a better relationship; secondly, countries in the world should build a new type of international relationship and use global cooperation to solve common challenges; finally, establish a new type of relationship and new trust between political leaders and the people.

  The theme of this Congdu International Forum is "Multilateralism Version 2.0, Global Cooperation in the Post-epidemic Era".

Margaret Chan said that the epidemic has brought uncertainty and threats in an increasingly globalized world.

In response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the world needs a special cooperation mechanism to implement truly effective multilateralism to cooperate.

She believes that in the post-epidemic era, it is more necessary to have overall thinking and science-based policies, and to promote cross-departmental and cross-industry cooperation.

  Chen Fengfuzhen pointed out that since the epidemic, many conspiracy theories and false information have appeared in society, and some people have ignored objective public health information. This is a heartbreaking phenomenon.

She hopes that political leaders of all countries will respect history, respect nature, assume responsibility for fighting the epidemic on the basis of transparency and accountability, and honor their commitments and responsibilities to the residents of their countries.

  "The epidemic will reshape the global lifestyle in the next few years. We should take responsibility and create a fairer future. Countries all over the world need to forge a new type of partnership to better achieve global healthy and sustainable development." Chen Fengfuzhen said In the post-epidemic era, to achieve sustainable economic development, the world needs to establish a relationship of mutual trust.

  It is understood that the current Congdu International Forum will last for two days, during which six major topics will be discussed, including economic and social development and climate change; global non-traditional challenges and responses; public health and global cooperation to create a human health and health community; leaders Responsibility, action and the future of the world; adhere to multilateralism to reshape the global governance system; economic recovery in the post-epidemic era will revitalize globalization.