It was last week that the police and the County Administrative Board in Västerbotten visited the farm, after something suggested that not everything was right there.

At the farm, the police found several dead dogs and several dogs in poor condition.

- Some dead dogs were found, they were dead in a freezer, says Rickard Sundberg.

Seven dogs were taken care of immediately

In a fence found another seven dogs that had to be taken care of immediately.

Annelie Grip Hansson, County Veterinarian in Västerbotten:

- One of the dogs was in such poor condition that it had to be killed at the vet, says Grip Hansson.

A person is now suspected of animal cruelty and a preliminary investigation has been initiated.

Dogs in the freezer do not have to be illegal

When it comes to the dead dogs in the freezer, it does not have to be a crime.

- You can kill dogs at home if you do it the right way, and there is no violation of the peace of mind when it comes to animals.

You may want to bury the animal later, says Annelie Grip Hansson.

What happens to the dogs in care is unclear.

- The owner must be given the opportunity to comment, it is a process in itself.

Now the dogs have been placed in different stables with which we have an agreement.