China News Service, December 5th, according to the American Chinese network report, on the 4th local time, CNN stated that the anchor Chris Cuomo had been "fired" by the TV station with "immediate effect".

  New documents released this week indicate that Chris was closely involved in helping his brother and former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo defend a series of allegations of sexual misconduct.

Data map: former Governor of New York State Cuomo.

  In its statement on the 4th, CNN mentioned for the first time that it had hired an external law firm to review the matter.

  "Chris Cuomo was suspended earlier this week awaiting further evaluation of new information regarding his involvement in defending his brother. We hired a well-reputed law firm to conduct a review, and we have fired him. And it will take effect immediately.” CNN said in a statement.

  "During the review process, more information has surfaced," CNN's statement added.

"Despite his dismissal, we will still conduct an appropriate investigation."

  Chris responded in a statement on the 4th: "I didn't want my days on CNN to end this way, but I have told you why and how I helped my brother. So now I will Said that although this is disappointing, I am extremely proud of our team and work on the most popular CNN primetime show. I owe all of them the favor and will miss this special group of people who have done important work. ."

  Although the relationship between Chris and the governor's office has been reported a few months ago, a large number of details were disclosed in a document released a few days ago.

The documents released by New York State Attorney General Zhan Lexia after investigating Governor Cuomo showed that while Chris was the chief anchor of CNN, he was actually an unpaid assistant to his brother.

  Text messages between Chris and several of his brother's assistants showed that he was trying to use his relationship in the media to help his brother's team prepare when the accuser started speaking out.

  In August of this year, on the day of Andrew Cuomo's resignation, Chris told the audience, "This situation is completely beyond my imagination." But he admitted that when the scandal broke out, he tried to support his brother.

  "I'm not a consultant. I'm just his brother. I can't control anything. I'm there to listen and make my suggestions," he said.

  CNN management initially expressed support for Chris, and his show "Cuomo Prime Time" has been on the air during the controversy.

However, according to media reports, some CNN staff were angry at Chris' violation of news norms.

  After the publication of these documents on November 29, CNN management stated that "thousands of additional pages of audio transcripts and evidence" will be reviewed "in the coming days".

Then on the evening of November 30, CNN stated that the content was so serious that Chris should be suspended.

  On December 1, Chris said on his show that the suspension was "ashamed" but understandable.

He also stated that he never wanted to "let any colleague compromise" and that he would respect this process.