Afghanistan: Taliban deny summary executions charges

A Taliban soldier stands guard in Kabul.

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The Taliban denies carrying out summary executions of former members of the Afghan security forces.

They are responding to a report by Human Rights Watch which had prompted some twenty countries to react in a statement issued by the US State Department.


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Last week the NGO Human Rights Watch released a report documenting the killings and disappearances of 47 former members of the Afghan National Security Forces.

Among the victims are soldiers, police, intelligence agents and militiamen.

Several countries including Great Britain and Japan, as well as the European Union then allied themselves with the United States to communicate their deep concern.

In their words, these alleged actions constitute " 

serious human rights violations and contravene the amnesty announced by the Taliban


The latter would have used the list of people benefiting from this amnesty to make arrests.

Washington and its allies therefore call for the opening of a rapid and transparent investigation.

But the Taliban, they reject these accusations which they find "



The spokesperson for the Ministry of the Interior admits that there have been cases of murders of former members of the security forces but only “

 because of rivalry or personal hostilities 


Last week US officials also spoke with Afghan authorities to urge them to provide access to education for women.

They also expressed their deep concern over the allegations of human rights violations.


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