A leading source in the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) told Al-Jazeera that the movement is studying options for escalation with Israel in light of the blockade of Gaza and the slowdown in reconstruction.

The source said that the Israeli attacks on Al-Aqsa and targeting the prisoners will explode the situation again.

"We will not allow the current situation to continue, and the next stage will prove the credibility of what we say," he added.

The leading source added, "We express our strong dissatisfaction with the behavior of the Egyptian mediator and his reluctance towards his promises towards Gaza," noting that "Egypt did not abide by what it pledged to Hamas and the resistance factions in terms of reconstruction and relief from Gaza."

He also explained that Egypt "continues to harass Palestinian travelers to the Gaza Strip," accusing it of preventing thousands of people from traveling from the Strip without justification.

The leading source in Hamas told Al-Jazeera that Egypt's behavior is considered a abandonment of its commitment to compel Israel in return for the resistance's commitment to the truce.