• Eric Zemmour has been a presidential candidate since last Tuesday.

  • The identity candidate held his first meeting in Villepinte in Seine-Saint-Denis.

  • Its supporters praise "the show of force", while the event was peppered with incidents.

In Villepinte (Seine-Saint-Denis),

Eric Zemmour had promised his "moult". Presidential candidate since Tuesday, the polemicist now wanted to put on more presidential clothes. No more polemical comments of recent years. Completed, the finger of honor to an activist during a trip to Marseille. Forgotten, the "asshole" released to Gilles Bouleau, the presenter of the TF1 JT, after a stormy interview.

Down in the polls, the identity candidate gathered in the afternoon his supporters, several thousand people, during his first campaign meeting on Sunday at the Villepinte Exhibition Center (Seine-Saint-Denis).

Flags in hand, the activists - many young people - are already hot and singing before the arrival of their champion.

The atmosphere is a little electrified when a team of Quotidien is booed by the crowd, and “exfiltrated” by the security services for a few minutes to ease tensions.

"Zemmour must remain Zemmour"

“Now is the time to launch the campaign. We have five months to convince the French to join us, what better than such a show of force? With this meeting, Zemmour shows that he is not supported only on social networks ", advance Dénis Cieslik, spokesperson for Friends of Eric Zemmour, confident on the change of the candidate. “It is not his vocation to continue what he has done in the past. His political program is not the controversies that we want to stick to his skin, but his project for France ”.

Same story with another support, Antoine Diers.

“We are entering the countryside now, the dynamic is there.

Zemmour is well aware that there was the time of the writer-columnist, he now fully enters the skin of the candidate.

But that is not all going to change.

He is not going to become the umpteenth politician very smooth and well painted with beautiful elements in language.

Zemmour must remain Zemmour ”.

"If they hate me, it's because they hate you"

After the speeches of several supporters, the candidate enters the scene, in a deafening din. During his stroll through the crowd, Eric Zemmour is gripped by the neck by an individual, quickly expelled by security. At the microphone, the candidate reassures his supporters, showing very quickly that he has not put a single drop of water in his wine. "Nearly 15,000 French people who braved political correctness, threats from the far left and hatred of the media," he says, while political figures and associations called for demonstrations against the holding of the meeting .

The former journalist immediately attacks "the pack": his political opponents but also the media. “For months, my meetings have been annoying, the rooms are packed. My adversaries want my political death, the journalists want my social death and the jihadists want my death at all. […] If they hate me, it's because they hate you. The real object of their wrath is you. They believe they are our enemies, they are our best allies ”. Very comfortable, the former columnist of


plays with the crowd.

"Me fascist?"

I am the only one to defend the freedom to think and to debate ”.

The candidate also brushes aside accusations of misogyny and racism.

“Some told me I was brutal.

Yes it can happen because my commitment is total.

I am passionate.

For three months, I wanted to impose the survival of France ”.

The atmosphere becomes electric again.

Another individual is exfiltrated by the security services under the hoots of the militants.

At the back of the room, it is agitated.

According to AFP and several videos on Twitter, activists from the SOS racism association take out “No to racism” t-shirts, before being violently attacked by other people.

Violence against Emmanuel Macron, violence in the room

On stage, Eric Zemmour calls on his supporters to join his new party: Reconquest. “The reconquest is now launched. The reconquest of our economy, our security, our identity, our sovereignty, the reconquest of our country ”. He promises "zero immigration", and unveils some proposals on the regal, such as the expulsion of foreign delinquents, which he says he wants to submit to a referendum.

Finally, Eric Zemmour targets his opponents, Valérie Pécresse, appointed by The Republicans on Saturday.

"Let us take her word for it when she claims to be from Chirac, she will promise you everything and she will hold nothing".

But his harshest attacks are addressed to Emmanuel Macron, whom he accused of having "emptied our economy, our identity, our culture [...] because he is all alone, the great void, the Gulf ".

Before starting the Marseillaise, the candidate already imagines beating the outgoing president.

"In 2022, it is not the person of Emmanuel Macron that we are going to defeat, but better, his ideology".


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