The United States has issued a statement condemning the violence against Afghan security forces, which

Human Rights Watch

reported earlier this week.

The statement has been signed by, among others, the European Union, individual EU member states (including the Netherlands) and Great Britain.

"We are deeply concerned about the reports of executions and disappearances of former members of the Afghan security forces," the statement said. “We confirm that the alleged actions constitute serious human rights violations and go against the amnesty announced by the Taliban. We call on the Taliban to effectively enforce the amnesty for former members of the Afghan security forces and former government employees, in order to ensure that the pledge in throughout the country and in all ranks of the Taliban."

In a 25-page report,

Human Rights Watch documented

the death or disappearance of former Afghan officials from the military, police, intelligence services and militias supporting the then government.

All of these individuals were captured by Taliban forces between August 15 and October 31, the organization reported earlier this week.