China News Service, December 5th. According to foreign media reports, the Belgian National Institute of Health Veterinary Laboratory confirmed on the 3rd that two hippos in the Antwerp Zoo tested positive for the new crown.

Image source: screenshots of related reports from Reuters

  The zoo released a message saying: "Two hippopotamus Imani (14.5 years old) and Helmien (41 years old) were infected with the new crown virus. They have no other symptoms except for a runny nose... They have been quarantined, and caregivers have strengthened safety measures. "

  The zoo management office is currently unable to answer the question of how hippos were infected because strict sanitation measures have been taken.

The zoo released a message saying: “No one among the caregivers has been infected with the virus recently. They conduct rapid tests every day and comply with epidemic prevention regulations.”

  As a preventive measure, the zoo regularly tests all mammals in the park for the new coronavirus, and this is the first time a positive result has appeared.

  At present, visitors to the Hippo area have been stopped, and the Hippo will not be open until the new crown test result of Hippo is negative.

  Antwerp Zoo veterinarian Vercammen said: "As far as I know, this is the first confirmed case of new crowns in this species. The reported animal infections around the world are mainly apes and cats."