• France Eric Zemmour, the populist who overtakes Marine Le Pen on the right

  • France Eric Zemmour: "Women are the goal and spoil of every man"

Waving French flags, shouting "Zemmour president!", Thousands of people gathered this Sunday in the Paris region for the first meeting of the new far-right presidential candidate, Eric Zemmour.

The atmosphere increased in temperature as the wait for the arrival of the candidate progressed

, in front of 13,000 people gathered, according to the organizers, in the immense hall of the Villepinte Fairgrounds, in the north of Paris, where 15,000 supporters were expected.

Journalists of a television program known for its scathing and ironic tone

were booed by the audience

, the AFP agency noted. A major security device was deployed around the meeting place, and more than a hundred anti-Zemmour protesters were protesting against the



racism, denial and homophobia

" were dispersed by law enforcement. Eric Zemmour, a 63-year-old former polemicist and television columnist, launched himself into the presidential race after months of silence, claiming he wanted to "save France." and their values ​​threatened by immigration and Islam.

Wrapped in a fur coat, Maria, a retired accountant living in the Paris region,

explains with a Polish accent that she supports Zemmour in the fight against the "Great Replacement"

, the theory that African and Muslim populations will replace European peoples. "On my street we only speak Arabic.

We must safeguard our traditions

, not let ourselves be overwhelmed by Muslim culture," said this Polish woman who came to France at age 20, "French by marriage", "a refugee from a country Communist, "and that" he joined without claiming anything. "" He

has a love for France that I don't feel in other candidates,

"said François, CFO of a startup. "He has solid convictions and is not sold, "he adds.

Show of strength

The Villepinte meeting is held

five days after the announcement of the tumultuous candidacy of the former polemicist

, whose official motto unveiled on Saturday is:

"Impossible is not French"

, an expression attributed to Napoleon. Zemmour intends to make a show of force to demonstrate that he has carried out his "transformation" from a former televised pamphleteer into a credible candidate, likely to challenge outgoing President Emmanuel Macron and

capture the voices of the right, led by Valérie Pécresse

and Marine Le Pen. Initially planned in a plaza Parisian, the meeting moved to Villepinte due to "madness" but also for security reasons, as an anti-fascist demonstration had been planned in Paris.

A few hundred people demonstrated in the capital to denounce the candidate's speech, shouting "Zemmour, Paris is not yours." Eric Zemmour has made dazzling progress in polls since the beginning of the school year. Some even ranked him in the second round ahead of Marine Le Pen.

But his star seemed to fade in recent weeks

, as the candidate has lost support in voting intentions.

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