Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit India on the 6th to hold a summit meeting with Prime Minister Modi.

While the United States is trying to strengthen cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region with a framework called "quad" including India, Russia has a speculation that it will appeal its relationship with India, which is a traditional friend, and restrain the United States and others. It seems to be a thing.

Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit India on the 6th for the first time in about two years to hold a face-to-face summit meeting with Prime Minister Modi, accompanied by Foreign Minister and Defense Minister, and will be the first foreign and defense ministers in both countries. We are planning to hold discussions, so-called 2 plus 2.

At the meeting, the two leaders will discuss regional issues such as the traditional friendship between Russia and India in terms of economics and security, strengthening cooperation in the energy field, and the situation in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US troops. It is a prospect.

Russia is wary of the United States' move to strengthen cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region with a framework called "quad" created by Japan, Australia, and India, and appealed its relations with India to the United States. It seems that there is a speculation to restrain such things.

On the other hand, India is only the United States, which deepens cooperation with China in a quad framework with China in mind, as tensions have continued since the two troops clashed with China in the disputed zone in the border area last year. However, it seems that there is an aim to further strengthen relations with Russia, which depends on weapon procurement.

India has also purchased the state-of-the-art surface-to-air missile system S400 from Russia, and it seems that the movement toward deployment is in progress.

The Biden administration in the United States is wary of the move to strengthen relations between Russia and India, and the speculations of each country are mixed.

Official visit to President Putin in Corona

Russian President Vladimir Putin will make an official visit to India on schedule, even as the infection of the new mutant virus, Omicron, is spreading worldwide.

This October, the G20 Summit held in Italy = the summit of 20 major countries and the United Nations Climate Change Countermeasures Conference COP26 held in the United Kingdom both entered the field for reasons such as measures against infection of the new corona. In contrast to what I didn't do, I can see the unmistakable motivation to visit India.

In the background, the United States has drawn into the framework "Quad" of the four countries not only to its allies Japan and Australia, but also to India, a friend of Russia from the US-Soviet Cold War era, and strengthened cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region. There is a sense of crisis about what we are doing.

The Putin administration is skeptical that this framework covers Russia as well as China.

Meanwhile, India is Russia's main export destination for weapons, and it is reported that it has purchased five state-of-the-art surface-to-air missile systems S400 and is steadily moving toward deployment.

The U.S. is strongly wary of the S400, and the former Trump administration has imposed unusual sanctions for the alliance Turkey's purchase of the same weapon, whether the Biden administration will impose sanctions on India. There is a lot of interest.

In addition to this period, President Putin's visit to India was held just before the "Democracy Summit", which the Biden administration will hold for the first time inviting Japan and India from 9th this month, strongly appealing its relations with India. It seems that there is an aim to drive a wedge between the United States and India.

In his foreign policy speech last month, Putin emphasized the United States and other countries over neighboring Ukraine and other countries, while emphasizing the Asia-Pacific region. I want to build a bilateral relationship. "

China's presence in the background of strengthening relations

China is behind India's strengthening of relations with its traditional friend Russia.

India has been in conflict with China since the two troops clashed in the disputed zone of the northern Ladakh region last year.

Under the idea of ​​a huge economic zone, "One Belt, One Road," India is strengthening its influence in the Indo-Pacific region, and it seems that India may restrain China by strengthening relations with Russia.

Especially in the military field, India has a close relationship with Russia, and since 2010, more than 60% of the weapons imported by India have been made in Russia.

Recently, we have purchased the state-of-the-art surface-to-air missile system S400 made in Russia and are proceeding with plans to improve air defense capabilities.

On the other hand, India has been strengthening cooperation recently, such as participating in the "Quad" framework of four countries including Japan and Australia with the United States.

India, which develops "omnidirectional diplomacy" in cooperation with related countries according to national interests, seems to have the aim of increasing its presence in the Indo-Pacific region by further strengthening relations with Russia and the United States with China in mind. increase.

Increasing importance of India

Regarding the movements of each country over India, Anish Goel, senior researcher at the American think tank "New America", said, "The United States is nervous about the summit meeting between Russia and India. The United States and Russia draw the attention of India. I'm competing for this. "

"The Biden administration wants India to play a more active role in security in the Indo-Pacific region. Alliances with Japan and Australia alone are not enough to compete with China." He pointed out that India is becoming more important as China's influence grows.

"The United States is trying to isolate Russia over the Ukraine crisis, and it is a particularly delicate time now," he said, which could affect the Byden administration's policy toward Russia, which seeks to unite the international community over the situation in Ukraine. I analyzed that there is.

Meanwhile, when India purchased the state-of-the-art surface-to-air missile system S400 from Russia, Goel said, "The United States has a relationship with India that does not impose sanctions." We attach great importance to it. If sanctions are imposed, India will move away from the United States and approach Russia. "

Regarding the purchase of Russian-made weapons, the former Trump administration sanctioned Turkey, which purchased S400 from Russia last December, by freezing assets in the United States to the head of the Defense Industry Agency under the Turkish presidential office. I am imposing.