French presidential 2022: show of force by Zemmour in Villepinte

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Éric Zemmour and his supporters, Sunday, December 5, 2021 for his big meeting in Villepinte, near Paris.


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In front of nearly 10,000 people, Eric Zemmour held his first presidential candidate meeting at Villepinte exhibition center, near Paris, this Sunday, December 5.

His show of force was punctuated by brawls in the room.

The candidate gave a speech lasting more than an hour, proposing radical measures.


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With our special correspondent in Villepinte,

Julien Chavanne

Eric Zemmour remains unperturbed.

A few minutes after his arrival on stage, however, chairs fly in a corner of the room: a fight breaks out between SOS Racism activists and supporters of the candidate.

Almost at the same time, the latter assures us that he is not a fascist: “ 

Me fascist?

You are right, well let's see!

I am the only one defending freedom of thought, the freedom to put words into reality, while they all dream of banning our meetings and having me condemned.


Arrival of Eric Zemmour @RFI

- Julien Chavanne (@julien_chavanne) December 5, 2021

For more than thirty minutes, the candidate rejects all the criticisms leveled against him and poses as the victim of the system in place.

Before sketching out the first proposals: increase the net salary by 100 euros per month, get out of NATO command, and of course, stop immigration.

Éric Zemmour, speech by Villepinte, December 5, 2021

I want to abolish social assistance for non-European foreigners, systematically return all illegal immigrants present illegally on our soil.

Eric Zemmour reaches out to voters of the National Rally disappointed by Marine Le Pen, and to those of the Republicans, after the elimination of Eric Ciotti.

I appeal to these militants, to these executives, to these voters of the National Front who have seen their ideas vegetate, in a sterile proposal, for decades.

I appeal to these activists and voters of the Republicans, who are tired of seeing their elected officials comply with the injunctions of the left and political correctness.

I reach out to voters, to Republican sympathizers, many of whom were represented by my friend, Eric Ciotti.

Éric Zemmour reaches out to voters LR and RN

Julien chavanne

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As for Emmanuel Macron, he takes it for his rank, with a direct personal attack: " 

There is no one

 ", loose the applicant about the President of the Republic.

In 2022, "we will let this teenager (Macron) seek himself eternally" charges Éric Zemmour

- Julien Chavanne (@julien_chavanne) December 5, 2021

A big absent during this meeting: the Covid.

The health pass was not requested at the entrance;

no leading politician wore a mask.

As for the declaration of candidacy, Sunday's speech in Villepinte ended with these words from Mr. Zemmour: " 

Long live the Republic, and above all, above all!"

Long live France ! 


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