Bob Dole, also known as a party leader, has died, having served as a senator in the United States for many years and was a candidate for the Republican Party in the 1996 presidential election.

I was 98 years old.

Born in 1923 in Kansas, Midwest, Bob Dole served in World War II and was attacked by enemy troops in the battlefield of Italy, causing severe damage to his right arm.

After that, he served as a senator for more than 25 years until 1996, and for many years served as the top leader of the Republican Party.

In the 1996 presidential election, he fought against the incumbent Democratic Party candidate Bill Clinton as a Republican candidate, but was defeated.

Mr. Dole worked bipartisanly on various issues facing the United States and worked hard to enact laws prohibiting discrimination against persons with disabilities in terms of employment.

In February, he announced that he had been diagnosed with the most advanced "stage 4" lung cancer, but Dole's wife's foundation revealed on the Internet that Dole He died on the morning of the 5th.

I was 98 years old.

President Biden mourned Mr. Dole's death, saying, "I was a rare politician in American history and a friend of mine who could give me reliable guidance."