CNN TV station fires star anchor Chris Cuomo

CNN TV is firing star presenter Chris Cuomo, hired in 2013, who was the head of the channel's most-watched show.


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The American television network accuses its star presenter of having advised his brother, the former governor of New York when the latter was facing charges of sexual harassment and sexual assault. 


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With our correspondent in New York


Loubna Anaki 

Four months after the scandal that cost

Andrew Cuomo

his political career

, it's Chris Cuomo's turn to find himself out of work, fired by CNN.

The news channel believes that the role played by the journalist in the defense of his older brother is more important than he had suggested. 

According to CNN, while Andrew Cuomo faced

charges of sexual harassment and assault

, Chris Cuomo acted as a communications advisor to assist the former New York governor.

He would have written press releases and even contacted journalists to find out, in advance, if articles were in preparation on the scandal targeting his brother. 

Chris Cuomo, Head of CNN's Most-Watched Show 

In a December 4 post, Chris Cuomo wrote: “ 

This is not how I want my CNN career to end, but I have already told you why and how I helped my brother.


Recruited by CNN in 2013, Chris Cuomo was the head of the channel's most-watched show.

Every evening, at 9 p.m., he talked about politics and current affairs.

He was notably famous for his interviews with his own brother, then still governor of New York.

During the four years of the Trump presidency, he also regularly targeted the former Republican president, marking more the left image of the channel.


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