Chinanews, December 5th, a comprehensive report, at a time when relations between Russia and Ukraine are tense, US President Biden and Russian President Putin will hold a video meeting on the 7th. The US said that Biden will emphasize the US military on the Ukrainian border. Activity concerns.

The United States and its allies have repeatedly accused "Russia's intention to invade Ukraine", and Russia firmly denies this.

On June 16, local time, Russian President Putin and US President Biden met in a villa named La Grange in Geneva, Switzerland.

American and Russian leaders will talk

Biden worried about Ukraine

  According to reports, Kremlin spokesman Peskov confirmed on the 4th that US President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold talks, saying that the leaders of the two countries will conduct a video call on the 7th.

  Peskov said that the duration of the call is not fixed, depending on how long Biden and Putin want to talk.

American sources said that Ukraine and other issues will be mentioned during the meeting.

  The White House Press Secretary Psaki also confirmed the news of the US-Russian summit video meeting on the 4th.

She said that the two leaders will discuss a series of topics in US-Russian relations, "including strategic stability, network and regional issues."

  "President Biden will emphasize the United States' concerns about Russia's military activities along the Ukrainian border and reiterate that the United States supports Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity," she added.

  On June 16 this year, Putin and Biden held a face-to-face meeting in Geneva, where they conducted dialogues on important areas such as cyber security and human rights. They expressed their positions and did not achieve any major breakthroughs.

Drums of war

Does Russia really plan to invade Ukraine?

  The current situation in Russia and Ukraine is tense.

Russia has recently deployed a large number of troops and weapons near the Ukrainian border. In the past few weeks, the United States and its allies have repeatedly accused "Russia's intention to invade Ukraine". However, the Russian side firmly denies this allegation.

  Putin also warned the West a few days ago not to deploy NATO forces in Ukraine, thereby surpassing Russia’s “red line” of security.

The United States asked Russia to withdraw its troops from the Ukrainian border and warned that "Russian invasion will incur new sanctions and the blow to Moscow will be greater than ever."

  Earlier, the US "Washington Post" reported that an intelligence document showed that Russia may send 175,000 soldiers to invade Ukraine early next year.

  "Russia plans to launch a military offensive against Ukraine as early as 2022, and its force is twice the size of Russia's sudden exercises near the Ukrainian border this spring." A government official told the Washington Post.

"The plan involves a tactical group of 100 battalions, with an estimated 175,000 personnel, as well as large-scale movements of armor, artillery, and equipment."

  The US "Foreign Affairs" magazine also analyzed that the omen of Russia’s military attack on Ukraine this winter is "imminent." In the past few months, Moscow has strengthened its presence along the Ukrainian border to pave the way for military operations. In order to help it resolve the political deadlock in Ukraine.