A horrific crime that shook Iraq... a mother and her sons killed the father and burned his body

Today, Sunday, the Security Media Cell in Iraq revealed the details and circumstances of a mysterious crime of a man who was killed by his wife and children in the southernmost province of Basra.

In the details of the heinous crime that caused a sensation, the cell clarified in a statement published by the Iraqi News Agency, on Sunday, that the Federal Intelligence and Investigations Agency in the Ministry of Interior managed to uncover a murder, after finding the charred and charred body of a man lying on the edge of the river in the Hartha district of the governorate. Basra.

After investigations and confronting them with evidence, the defendants confessed that they killed the victim while he was sleeping, with a GC rifle, by shooting him in the head and taking him to the back of the house, then pouring a highly flammable substance over his body and burning it until it was charred in order to hide the features.

The authorities also indicated that the reason for committing the crime was due to the presence of major family problems between them, which led to the agreement of the wife and her two sons to carry out this crime.

She confirmed that the weapon used in the crime and the car were also seized, and the defendants' statements and confessions and those of witnesses were preserved after matching.

The judge decided to arrest the perpetrators and refer them to trial.

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