A British grandmother in her 80s and a young Egyptian in her 30s, who became a hot topic for marriage over the 46-year age difference, appeared together for the first time in public.

Local time on the 30th of last month, British broadcast ITV's 'This Morning' appeared on the British broadcaster ITV's 'This Morning', where her husband Mohammed Ahmed Ibriham, who is 46 years younger, and his wife, Iris Jones, in their 80s, appeared and explained various speculations.

As if conscious of public suspicions, such as 'a younger husband married his 80-year-old grandmother's fortune', the couple held hands throughout the broadcast and showed off their affection.

In particular, her husband, Mr. Ebriham, said, "I also have a lot of money," and was furious at the suspicion that he had approached his wife with impure intentions.

"I have a job, and I have a house in my name in my hometown," Ebriham said. "I'm not next to my wife because I need something."

He continued, "Of course, I could have married a younger woman. But I wouldn't be as happy as I am now. Just as money can't buy happiness, love made a miracle."

Ibriham, from Egypt, married Grandmother Jones from England in Cairo last November and became an official couple.

They met at a social media atheist meeting in 2019 and became lovers.

In an interview with the British press at the time, Mr. Ybriham said, "My wife flew all the way to Egypt to see me, and as soon as I saw her, I realized that it was true love."

However, netizens sent a disgraceful glance at the love between the two, saying that Mr. Ebriham approached Jones for his property and citizenship.

Mr. Jones lives in a house worth £220,000 and receives an old-age pension of £200 a week (approximately KRW 300,000), and he speculated that he intended to inherit the estate.

Despite these views, the couple, who got married in Egypt last year, had to spend a year in 'LAN marriage' due to visa issues.

At that time, Mr. Jones also confessed his heartache, saying, "Every day is precious to an old man who may die tomorrow. Even when I'm shopping at the mart, I want to see Evelyham in tears."

The couple, who reunited after twists and turns, revealed their feelings on the broadcast that day.

Husband Ybriham said, "I met the English requirement and proved that I was able to live with my wife. I received a three-year visa in early November." "As soon as the visa was issued, I screamed in the middle of Cairo. “I was so happy that I thought I would be able to see it,” he said.

When the host asked about their Christmas plans, the two said, "We don't have an exact plan yet. We can spend it with my wife's sons or just the two of us. My son also said congratulations to us and blessed us. We support our love And thank you to the people around the world who supported me.”

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(Photo=UK ITV 'This Morning' YouTube, 'Iris Jones' · 'Mohamed Ibriham' Facebook)