Will they end up at the Rond-Point theater in Paris?

In Tourcoing, in the North, "yellow vests" took the planks to stage their mobilization, and still carry their demands.


Gilet au bout de mes rêve

show premiered on

Friday evening with a new performance on Saturday.

Another is expected, in the Paris region.

On the stage of an MJC, about thirty amateur actors - including two in wheelchairs - in front of an audience of about sixty people, especially relatives or "yellow vests".

“Welcome to the world of morons, the unemployed, racists, alcoholics and cassos!

(…) We hope you are attentive, shocked, moved, interested or angry, in short: with us ”, announces Anne-Sophie Bastin in the preamble.

"We wanted to restore the truth of the yellow vests"

This forty-something, lawyer at the Lille bar and claimed "yellow vest", has mounted the project since the summer of 2019 by recruiting volunteers, mainly from Hauts-de-France, during the demonstrations.

Rhythm of "aug", the rallying cry of the movement, 26 paintings are linked: the suicide of a farmer, a burlesque police custody, a sketch with the head of state Emmanuel Macron as monarch.

"We wanted to restore the truth of the yellow vests, show the reality" of the movement, explains Anne-Sophie Bastin to AFP.

The play also aims to break with the image of violence associated with the mobilization, and to highlight the solidarity that it created within the mobilized.

“We play what we experienced in the demonstrations, by bringing sadness, laughter.

It's authentic, ”explains Maddy Piazza, soon in her sixties.

This bank employee from Toufflers, in the North, remains committed "against violence" and the misery "of homeless people, students, retirees, nurses".

Project delayed by the health crisis

The implementation of the project, delayed by the health crisis, has divided even “yellow vests”, at the cost of criticism and defections.

“Some scenes bother me a bit,” Maddy Piazza concedes about the scenes caricaturing the police, “but there you go, everyone has their say.


"You have people who were totally introverted, and who open up today," says Sabine Fremeau, chef in a restaurant in the Lille metropolis.

The most extraordinary thing for me is everything that is happening around the room ”.


Three years later, they tell why they deserted the movement of "yellow vests"


Three years later, what remains of the “yellow vests” movement?

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