“Remember that Nord Stream 2 is intended to replace the Ukrainian gas transmission system, which means that Russia no longer needs to worry about

destruction of their own infrastructure in the event of a full-scale war (between Russia and Ukraine. -


), "Risch said.

He also stressed that Nord Stream 2 has always been an issue on which both parties in the Senate agreed.

With such a statement, Risch made in the context of the discussion of his proposed amendment to the draft law on the US defense budget (National Defense Authorization Act, NDAA), and previously approved by the House of Representatives. 

The amendment in question provides for the introduction of mandatory sanctions against Nord Stream 2 AG, as well as companies involved in testing and certification of the pipeline prior to its commissioning.  

According to Risch, Nord Stream 2 will not be launched soon, so American politicians still have time to take measures to prevent this from happening.

Against this background, he turned to his colleagues in the Senate with a request to support the corresponding innovation.

As previously reported by Foreign Policy, the administration of US Democratic President Joe Biden is lobbying for the lifting of sanctions against Nord Stream 2 (referred to in the bill on the defense budget).

As it was specified, one of the reasons for such a policy of Washington is the desire not to spoil relations with Berlin.

(original: https://foreignpolicy.com/2021/11/24/biden-aims-to-quash-nord-stream-2-sanctions-in-defense-bill/)


However, Republican congressmen are unhappy with this position of Biden.

In their opinion, some decisions of the head of state concerning US policy towards Russia "demonstrate weakness, giving courage to the Putin regime and undermining the credibility of the United States on the part of allies and partners."

The Russian authorities have repeatedly stressed that Nord Stream 2 is an economic project.

In particular, Russian President Vladimir Putin made similar statements.

In addition, Moscow also indicated its position on gas supplies through the territory of Ukraine.

“There is an opportunity to load the Ukrainian gas transportation system in the future, even after the expiration of our transit contract.

Everything is possible, and we are ready for it, and we want it.

But goodwill on the part of our Ukrainian partners is needed, ”stated Putin at the SPIEF.