• Covid, Merkel in favor of the mandatory vaccine: "If only we were in the situation of Italy"

  • Covid, in Germany a new record of infections.

    Merkel: "Dramatic situation"


December 04, 2021Watch out for the "treacherous virus". In the latest video message on Saturday in view of the handover to the chancellery next week with Olaf Scholz, Angela Merkel returns to talk about the "dramatic" situation of Covid in Germany. "We are in the midst of the fourth wave of the pandemic which is very serious - said the outgoing chancellor - and which in some parts of the country can only be defined as dramatic. Take this treacherous virus very seriously". Merkel spoke of "overcrowded intensive care", of serious patients transferred from one region to another and of "a terribly high number" of people who are dying from Covid. "Every dose of vaccine counts and will help us put this pandemic behind us," Merkel recalled.

"All of them leave behind them families or friends stunned, helpless. And this - he stigmatized - is particularly bitter because it could have been avoided, with safe and effective vaccines we are the ones who have the key". "they are sensitive and understand this difficult moment, they are the great majority and every day they demonstrate a wonderful civic spirit, without them no chancellor or government could achieve anything".

The next few weeks will still be difficult and will require a joint effort, he concluded: "I sincerely hope that together" we can overcome them.