• Covid, Zaia: first case in Veneto of Omicron variant

  • Omicron, South Africa: cases quadrupled in 4 days

  • In Great Britain cases of the Omicron variant double, 55% in fully vaccinated people

  • Covid, Omicron variant also for wife and children, patients zero


04 December 2021Omicron also arrives in Trentino Alto Adige. The patient who tested positive for the latest variant of Covid is a woman from Merano, who returned from South Africa in November. The woman, as required by health protocols, had undergone a molecular swab both before leaving Cape Town and upon arrival in Munich: the swabs were always negative.

But, following a positive case found on the same return flight, the Merano woman was subjected to another swab which this time gave a positive result. The Region assures that the woman, in isolation and with mild symptoms, had contact only with a person who was immediately placed in quarantine.

The surveillance of the circulation of new variants currently requires sequencing of all positive PCR swabs of travelers returning from risk areas, as well as when there are reports with reasons of suspicion. The Omicron variant showed a higher transmission speed. In many cases, the course in patients vaccinated or cured from Covid-19 is mild. The person concerned is vaccinated.

First case in Veneto

"The Omicron variant of Covid-19 was sequenced for the first time in Veneto in the laboratories of the Zooprophylactic Institute of the Venezie - Izs". The news was announced yesterday by the president of the Region Luca Zaia. It is a man, residing in the Vicenza area, who returned from a business trip to South Africa.

The patient, who is vaccinated, tested negative for a first swab done upon return, but, perceiving some slight symptoms, he did a second, which gave a positive result, highlighting the Omicron variant at the end of the sequencing. At the moment he is paucisymptomatic in quarantine at home with his wife and two children. Their wife and one of the two children are positive, also tested positive for the swab and paucisymptomatic. 

7 positives in Campania

Other people - belonging to the so-called 'patient zero' family unit - are positive This was reported by the Cotugno hospital in Naples, where the sequencing activity was performed on swabs from the ASL of Caserta.

The Caserta professional, who returned from a business trip to Mozambique, is the person who was found to be positive about the Omicron variant in our country.

These 3 new infections are added to those of the man, his wife and two children.