China News Service, Geneva, December 4th. From December 2nd to 3rd local time, the 14th Minority Issues Forum of the United Nations Human Rights Council was held in Geneva for two consecutive days. Experts and scholars from the Chinese Society for Human Rights Studies participated in the meeting online , To share China’s experience in protecting the rights of minorities.

  Focusing on the theme of the forum "Preventing Conflict and Protecting the Human Rights of Minorities", Bi Yingqian, a young scholar at the Human Rights Research Institute of Guangzhou University, combined with the provisions on the right to education in international and interregional human rights documents, and believes that implementing the right to education of minorities contributes to the long-term stable development of the country , Special attention must be paid to the protection of the right to education of young people and women among minority groups.

  Ren Tianxing, a young expert from the UNESCO Association of Gansu Province, said that the international community should focus on resolving and alleviating conflicts when dealing with minority issues, rather than artificially creating minority issues.

Some false conflicts based on lies and untruths, fabricated to achieve certain political goals, have gradually become important factors in today's minority conflicts, and are worthy of attention and vigilance.

  Dai Shouyang, president of the Hulunbuir Environmental Volunteer Association, introduced the activities carried out by the volunteer service platform "Sarula Green Partnership Program", such as propagating grassland ecological subsidy and reward policies in pastoral areas, donating tuition fees to children of ethnic single-parent families, and providing academic counseling services Wait.

  Tian Shichen, founder and president of Jingshi Think Tank, shared China's experience and contributions in protecting the rights of minorities, including formulating relevant laws and implementing poverty reduction policies.