China wants to strengthen its control over Macao

General view of Macau and its casinos.

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China's top official in Macau will "oversee, guide, coordinate and support" the local government in "national security" matters, according to Chinese state media.

The regime intends to strengthen its control over this land famous for its casinos.


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This announcement comes as the central power strengthens its control over the former Portuguese colony, which has the status of special administrative region and which therefore enjoys a certain autonomy.

Famous for

its casinos

with seven times the turnover of Las Vegas, Macau is in Beijing's sights for its role as a hub in money laundering.

Macau is almost entirely dependent on the gaming sector, accounting for 55% of its GDP.

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This week, Alvin Chau, known as the betting king of Macau, was arrested for arranging online betting from overseas-based platforms accessible to players in mainland China, where gambling is banned.

In recent years, the Communist regime has increased its influence in another Special Administrative Region,

Hong Kong

, located less than 70 kilometers from Macau.

The former British colony was the scene of pro-democracy protests before Beijing tightened the screw with the establishment of a national security law that strongly questioned freedoms in Hong Kong.

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