Forty Attac activists symbolically “levied” the tax from multinationals in Marseille this Saturday, by taking baby seats with the logo of a McDonald's restaurant and banners from a TotalEnergies station before depositing them in front of the prefecture.

"It is an action of deduction at the source", declared Raphaël Pradeau, spokesperson for the anti-globalization association.

"We will return these objects to those who do nothing to collect them, that is to say the State", he added, showing the two red chairs for babies and the advertising banners stolen a few minutes later. early.

Around 11 a.m., some forty Attac militants, dressed in red, had simultaneously dismantled the banners from the gas station and taken out chairs from the restaurant, the two being located side by side on boulevard Sakakini in Marseille.

Denounce tax evasion

They also unfurled large “tax evasion crime scene” banners in front of the two establishments.

The McDonald's manager immediately went out to remove it and tear off the stickers.

The activists then headed for the prefecture of Bouches-du-Rhône where they placed the “collected” objects in front of the large wooden doors.

By this action, Attac intends to denounce the practices of tax evasion of certain multinational companies “which use the exchanges between their various subsidiaries, which are established in countries where the taxation is weak, to reduce very strongly the amount of their taxes”.

"The government wants to make the most precarious people pay for the crisis, public services are deteriorating, but the money must be found where it is," explains Raphaël Pradeau.

"In France, the undeclared profits of multinationals amounted to 39.7 billion euros in 2018, which represents a shortfall of 13.1 billion euros in corporate tax per year", adds he does.

According to the NGO, Attac carried out other similar actions in France this Saturday, in particular in La Roche-sur-Yon, Clermont-Ferrand or Dunkirk.

Attac had practiced these actions of “levying” taxes in 2016 already, by taking chairs in BNP-Paribas agencies, a non-violent action aimed at denouncing the bank's activities in tax havens.


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