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In Austria, a doctor has been fined for accidentally amputating a patient's intact leg. The patient lost both legs.

According to foreign media reports such as the BBC on the 1st of local time, an Austrian court found the surgeon guilty of gross negligence and imposed a fine of 2,700 euros (about 3.6 million won).

In May, a doctor at a hospital in Linz, Austria, undertook an operation on an 82-year-old patient who had to have his leg amputated due to complications from diabetes.

However, during the operation, the doctor mistakenly amputated the right leg instead of the left leg that had to be amputated. This fact was confirmed in the process of replacing the bandage two days after the operation.

The patient later amputated the left leg, which was originally required for further surgery. The left leg, which had been intact, had already disappeared. He lost both legs because of a doctor's mistake.

It was identified that the patient was not fully aware of what had happened to him due to the effects of dementia, etc.

The head of the hospital held a press conference and made an official apology.

The medical staff in charge said, "There was an error in the process of marking the leg to be amputated immediately before the operation," and "I asked the patient for confirmation, but I did not clearly understand what the elderly patient was saying." It turned out that the verification process wasn't done properly either.

The Austrian court found the doctor in charge of negligence and sentenced him to 2,700 euros (about 3.6 million won), and ordered the patient's family to pay 5,000 euros (about 6.6 million won) in damages.

Meanwhile, an 82-year-old elderly patient was reported to have died of an infectious disease before the trial.

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