Xinhua News Agency, United Nations, December 2nd. On December 2, local time, the 76th United Nations General Assembly unanimously passed the Olympic Truce resolution drafted by China and the International Olympic Committee. 173 member states proposed the resolution.

  The resolution calls on all parties to resolve international conflicts through peaceful and diplomatic means, and urges all countries to observe the Olympic Truce from 7 days before the opening of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics to 7 days after the closing of the Beijing Winter Paralympics; emphasizes the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics The vision of "Pure ice and snow, passionate dating" aims to let the Olympics light up the dreams of young people, to integrate winter sports into hundreds of millions of people, to promote social development, and to create a harmonious, peaceful and better world.

As the new crown epidemic continues to raging, the economic and social development of various countries is facing many tests, and traditional and non-traditional security challenges are emerging one after another, the resolution specifically proposes to recognize the role of sports in building global capacity to respond to the impact of the epidemic, emphasizing that the Beijing Winter Olympics will be a demonstration An opportunity for human unity, resilience and valuable international cooperation.

  The resolution was passed by consensus and was submitted by the vast majority of United Nations member states. It reflects the support of the United Nations member states for the Beijing Winter Olympics and the International Olympic Movement. It also reflects the international community’s efforts to help each other, overcome the epidemic, achieve peace, and move towards the future together. strong determination.

  The "Olympic Truce" is a peace campaign designed by the International Olympic Committee in accordance with the ancient Greek Olympic sacred truce.

In 1993, the 48th UN General Assembly reviewed and passed the Olympic Truce for the first time.

Since then, the host countries of the successive Olympics and Winter Olympics have submitted an Olympic truce resolution to the UN General Assembly.