China News Service, Beijing, December 3 (Reporter Guo Chaokai) Since the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Public Security has deployed public security agencies across the country to carry out a "reunion" operation to fully detect the accumulated cases of child abduction, arrest suspects of child abduction, and comprehensively find missing and abducted children.

The reporter learned from the Ministry of Public Security on the 3rd that as of November 30, the public security organs had successfully detected more than 290 accumulative cases of child trafficking, arrested more than 690 suspects of child trafficking, and recovered 8,307 missing and abducted children over the years, including missing and abducted children. The separation between personnel and relatives lasted up to 74 years, and the "Reunion" campaign achieved remarkable results.

  The Ministry of Public Security attaches great importance to the search for missing and abducted children. It has held four national video and telephone conferences to deploy and promote the "Reunion" operation; listed a number of major backlogs of child abduction and trafficking, organized capable forces to carry out special investigations, and comprehensively used new technologies and new technologies. In-depth research and judgment were carried out to tackle the hard problems of accumulated cases; more than 170 criminal technology experts from all over the country were selected to carry out the "Reunion" operation, and assisted in successfully cracking 15 cases of Ministry supervision and recovering missing and abducted children. 3672 people; give full play to the support of science and technology, deploy more than 3,000 free blood collection points across the country, publicize their addresses and contact numbers, which greatly facilitates the people to quickly and free blood collection nearby; extensively mobilize social forces to support participation, and deploy local public security agencies to continue to carry out recognition of relatives More than 2,600 activities continued to promote the touching scenes of family reunion and family reunion, creating a strong atmosphere of anti-trafficking and family reunion of "everyone participates and all people support".

  In accordance with the deployment requirements of the Ministry of Public Security, local public security agencies have comprehensively sorted out and checked the cases of missing and abducted children over the years, and conducted timely and in-depth investigations on the cases of missing children that have been recovered. They successfully cracked a number of hidden cases and arrested them. A batch of criminal suspects recovered a batch of missing and abducted children.

  As of November 30, among the 8,307 missing and abducted children that have been successfully recovered throughout the years, 2,074 have been missing for 20 to 30 years, 1,428 have been missing for 30 to 40 years, and have been missing for 40 to 50 years. There are 295 people who have been missing for 50 to 60 years, and 83 people have been missing for more than 60 years.

Among them, the Shandong and Henan public security organs successfully retrieved Guo Xinzhen’s son Guo Xinzhen after thorough and detailed investigations, and arrested 2 suspects of abduction; Shanxi public security organs followed up on the recovered children’s cases and successfully detected the Jincheng City "1999·8·1999. The 10" Knife Entering and Robbery Child Trafficking Case, arrested 3 suspects; Fujian Public Security Organs organized forces to focus on the "1999·9·20" Knife Robbery Child Trafficking Case in Xiamen, and captured 2 criminal suspects; Liaoning Chaoyang Public Security Bureau The agency successfully detected a series of child abduction cases, arrested 3 suspects who had absconded for more than 20 years, and retrieved 10 abducted children; Xinjiang Yili Public Security Bureau retrieved a pair of sons and daughters lost 44 years ago for a 90-year-old man; Bengbu Public Security, Anhui Through a large number of visits and investigations, the agency sought out brothers for the elderly who had been abducted for 74 years.

  The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Public Security stated that the public security organs have always adhered to the people-centered development concept, continued to promote the "reunion" operation, and went all out to solve accumulated cases, pursue suspects, find missing and abducted children, and actively organize and carry out family recognition activities. Let more separated families reunite as soon as possible.

It is hoped that all sectors of society and the general public will continue to support participation in the "Reunion" operation, so that more people can understand the "Reunion" operation and provide relevant clues to the public security organs in time.

Missing and abducted persons who have not yet collected their blood and those who need to find their relatives should go to the public security organs for free blood collection in time, and the public security organs will do their utmost to help you find your relatives.