Following the trouble of an F16 fighter belonging to the US Army Misawa Air Base dumping a fuel tank during flight and making an emergency landing, Governor Mimura of Aomori Prefecture strongly asks the Minister of Defense Kishi to investigate the cause. I asked.

Governor Mimura of Aomori Prefecture visited the Ministry of Defense on the 3rd and met with Minister of Defense Kishi.

He pointed out that the fact that the F16 fighter's flight was resumed without explanation of safety measures after this trouble is in a situation where the relationship with the US military that has been built up so far may be greatly disrupted. I urged the US military to strongly request the investigation of the cause.

In response, Minister Kishi apologized, "This is an extremely serious case that could affect a peaceful life. I would like to deeply apologize for the anxiety and concern of the citizens of the prefecture."

He revealed that he had asked the top commander of the U.S. Army in Japan for explanation, and expressed his intention to ask the U.S. Army to investigate the cause, develop measures to prevent recurrence, and ensure safety.

After this, Governor Mimura told reporters, "It is regrettable that the fact that the flight was resumed without any explanation would upset the feelings of the local residents and increase the distrust of the citizens of the prefecture." I did.